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Will this show produce a future Virgil Abloh?


Abloh enlisted Sargent, a writer who published The New Black Vanguard: photography between art and fashion, in 2019, to help reshape the show for Brooklyn. It was planned for 2020, but the pandemic delayed its opening. The two worked via WhatsApp until the last days of the designer. Social sculpture is not the only novelty. What visitors see first is a PA project with Braun that Abloh couldn’t see completed, with a 45-minute loop that fuses ’60s jazz with Houston slab rap. “We all know Virgil was a prolific DJ,” Sargent says. “And so, in a way, you’re greeted by his voice and this idea of ​​community, of breaking down barriers between different kinds of canon.”

From there, the show is organized more or less chronologically, from a college sketchbook labeled Vergone (his nickname), to a dress and a tennis dress he designed for Serena Williams and Beyoncé, respectively, to an artistic project he did with Takashi Murakami. “Virgil had this incredible hunger for all these collaborations, whether it was Ikea, or LVMH, or Mercedes”, says Anne Pasternak, the director of the museum. “And whatever it was, he wanted to show people that they could be in those places too and they had to be in those places.”