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Why not try a cork wedge this summer?


Last week I received an alert on The RealReal for Just Cavalli. (Yes, I’m getting notifications for Just Cavalli.) I browsed the options and behold: an incredibly noughties pair of cleats. The sole featured a trippy print of seashells and flowers, and the straps were optical white and stamped with a metal “JC” towards the front. The icing on the cake was the four-inch cork wedge, adorned with a psychedelic “Just Cavalli” on the side. I imagined a glamorous yet laid-back Jennifer Lopez strutting around in it circa 2002. (She was indeed wearing cork wedges while filming the “I’m Gonna Be Alright” music video.) The RealReal with the intention of buying these shoes of all things, but before pressing buy I thought, why not? How about a glorious shoe made from the phellem layer of tree bark cloth? No more vertiginous stiletto heels! Goodbye, little kitten heels! I’m also going to scrap the flat, earthy sandal! This summer, I want a stable and shameless height. I want to stand three, four, maybe five inches taller and not shake. Give me a fat-bottomed heel; I need a tree trunk on my foot. And just like that, these Just Cavalli sandals, in all their former glory, were mine.

I don’t necessarily know when these shoes went out of fashion. I remember they were a Snooki favorite on Jersey Shore, who wandered – and probably stumbled – around the walk in them. My colleague Christian Allaire told me that the protractor-shaped shoe simply reminded him of Miami. They also have classy ties. According to vogue‘s Sarah Spellings, Kate Middleton is a fan of the style and also valiantly sports in them.

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images