What the Peak6 investment means for Wolves – The Athletic


It has been almost two years to the day since Wolves president Jeff Shi publicly said the club was looking for outside investment.

In an interview with the Financial Times in October 2019, Shi said he wanted an investor to help promote the Wolves beyond the Chinese homeland of the Fosun owners.

“We’re not just trying to sell the shares to anyone, we’re very picky,” he said. “We are doing it slowly. It’s more about finding the right partner with strategic connections.

After many meetings, discussions and negotiations – plus a global pandemic in the middle to slow things down – Peak6 was announced this week as that partner.

“It’s more to test the market – to see the value of wolves,” Shi added in this Financial Times report, which valued wolves at £ 350million. It is believed that two years later, with the significant advances and investments Wolves have made in esports, that number is now considerably higher. Peak6’s investment and percentage stake was not disclosed, although it is believed to be low.

First of all, it is important to clarify that although Peak6 did have an investment in Wolves, it technically invested in the new company Fosun Sports, which acquired the subsidiary formerly known as Foyo (the Fosun branch which held a participation in Gestifute).

Fosun Sports essentially brings together Wolves, Wolves ESports, Chinese fashion brand WWFC and the newly formed Wolves Records under a new umbrella, along with non-Wolves interests such as a mobile games company in China, while the fashion label WWFC now has a licensing agreement with the Chinese national team.

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