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Victoria Pressly Founder of Hype Public Relations-All About Hype-HypePRNow, Victoria Pressly announces her new book and a reality TV show in the works. The working title is “Soldier of the Model’s”


Victoria Pressly (Maiden name Talbot), CEO of Hype PR Now, AllaboutHype, grew up in Westchester County and now lives in Cherry Valley, New York she graduated from St. John’s University graduated in communications in the early 1990s and began her career in the fashion industry by co-founding NOW Model Management in New York City with Billy Rosenvig. The agency merged with Jerome and David Bonnouvrier and was renamed Partners Model Management. Victoria worked as a booking agent with Partners for several years and learned the formula for creating a mannequin from the family who invented it. The partners then became DNA Model Management. Victoria booked models for Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’sL’Oreal, Clairol, CoverGirl, Maybelline, Victoria’s Secret, Oscar De La RentaDonna Karan, Calvin Klein, Ralph Laurenand more.

Victoria then began working for American Models, which at the time represented several models crossing into Hollywoodas Connie Nielsen who starred in “Gladiator” with Russell Croweand Estelle Warren an Olympic synchronized swimmer Canada. Victoria began portraying Estella in her late teens, cross-promoting her career as a swimmer and model to acting, which led to an audition for Princess Amidala Padme in “Star Wars II — L ‘attack of the clones’. Although Estella didn’t get the role, she was later cast as Dana in “Planet of The Apes” in 2001.

In 2000, Victoria Pressly ventured out on her own and started a PR agency, Hype Public Relations. Victoria’s crossover success led Elite Models to contact her to represent Altice of summerwinner of the Elite look of the year and Angelic Bridges, a “Playboy” cover model. Victoria remained the exclusive public relations agent for the two ladies and placed them on magazine covers around the world, which helped open up many television and film opportunities for them. Angelica has appeared on numerous television shows, including “Baywatch.” Summer has appeared in ‘Scorpion King’, ‘Wedding Crashers’ and other films.

Caprice Bourret also modeled with Victoria for many years. Victoria helped turn her into a global icon via magazine covers. Caprice became one of the first reality TV stars with her own show called “Caprice” and then “Being Caprice”, a series about her daily life. Numerous sponsorship deals followed, including with the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue” and the Miller Brewing Company.

Victoria Pressly later depicted “Miss World” Sallie Toussaint, who played a role in the movie “The Departed”. She played opposite Jack Nicholson in a love scene and in the opera. He wanted his character to be a real BDSM man for women. Victoria created the “Jack Attack” press angle in press speeches, which went viral and helped spark interest in the film. Victoria placed Sallie on numerous magazine covers promoting the film while working directly under the Warner Brothers public relations team. They asked Victoria to accompany Sallie on the red carpet the night of the film’s premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater. A memorable moment for both of them was when Victoria gave Sallie an impulsive but low-key push in Jack Nicholson on the red carpet so Sallie could catch the attention of the paparazzi, which she certainly did. Other clients for various projects have been Joanna Krupa, Pam Anderson, Nicole Andrews, India Everettand Gretchen Bonaducé.

Victoria Pressly worked with the actor rich graffiti, the lead on AMC’s hit television series “Making of the Mob New York,” a docuseries detailing the rise of organized crime in the 20th century. The series followed New York gangster Lucky Luciano and his rise in the New York City crime gang, with other gangsters. Actors included Ray Liotto, Anthony DiCarloand Chaz Palminteri. Victoria hosted the premiere afterparty with Jeff KrauseCEO of IE Entertainment Group, in which celebrities mingled with gangster family members.

Victoria Pressly walk with Melissa Prophet, who appeared in “Goodfellas” and “Casino,” and is now involved in development, production, and talent management. Victoria also works with Pierre Dobsonwho has appeared in many films, including “Last Exit to brooklyn“, “The Frighteners” and “Drowning Mona”, as well as television shows, including the various CSI series. He is also known for his voice-over work. Radio personality Sid Rosenberg of morning show 77 WABC is also a current client. Victoria produced a recent photo shoot for him with the designer Joseph Abboud for men’s fashion.

Victoria Pressly also specializes in accompanying military personalities towards modeling and entertainment. One of his clients is the former Marine Andrew McLarenwho appeared on the NBC show “Stars Earn Stripes” with the late Chris Kylewhich was performed by bradley cooper in the movie “American Sniper”. Through the show, Victoria met Alex Minskya Marine who lost his leg in Afghanistan. Victoria landed him an 8-page editorial session by Ben Watts and a feature article in GQ America. Other customers include Chelsea Werner, renowned gymnast and model with Down syndrome. Victoria has booked her in mainstream media, including New York Fashion Week.

In addition to models and actors, Victoria’s clients include production companies, artists, designers, poker pros and casinos. Victoria booked a fitness model and a poker pro Christina Lindley as a spokesperson for Foxwoods Resort. Victoria also booked Christina as spokesperson and handled all publicity for the World Series of Poker at Harrah’s Casino. Another client was the McClanahan Street estate of ‘The Golden Girls’, who hired Victoria to promote an online memorabilia sale that went viral.

Victoria’s final goal is to work with women with successful stories of empowerment. She represents Dr. Suzanne Yua self-made healthcare millionaire who recently became a movie producer in the movie “The Comeback Trail,” featuring 3 Oscar-winning actors, robert de niro, Morgan FREEMANand Tommy Lee Jones. Victoria created “lady trucker“, a self-made success story in the trucking industry, a former driver turned CEO.

Victoria engineered a reality show known as “Model Behavior” for which she was represented by Thinkfactory Media and CAA and was close to a network deal just before reality shows involving models suffered a drop in popularity. ‘interest.

Victoria Pressly, married for 25 years and mother of 3 successful children, a footballing mother and a successful businesswoman, is used to discovering talents and building careers. Understanding the evolving nature of the industry, for anyone to call Victoria a fraud means they don’t know the business, they hate it or they just don’t have what it takes to become a star.

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