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UAE leads global interest in cryptocurrency trust, says YouGov report


YouGov released the findings of its latest “Report on the future of financial serviceswhich uses in-depth custom research and data from YouGov profiles to explore the current global financial landscape and identify global adoption and trust in new and emerging financial services across 18 international markets.

With the UAE government’s ongoing efforts to promote digital finance and encourage crypto trading, data from the report shows that interest in this digital asset is high and two-thirds of UAE residents (67% ) say they are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies over the next five years. . Of these, young respondents aged 25-34 (74%) are the most likely to say they are interested in cryptocurrencies compared to older adults aged 45+.

Data from the whitepaper suggests that interest in investing in cryptocurrency is high in both the long and short term. One in five consumers in the UAE (21%) said they intend to trade cryptocurrency in the next 12 months, the third highest proportion in the markets surveyed, after Indonesia (25% ) and India (22%).

When it comes to trust in this digital asset, our research shows that the UAE is one of the top global markets where consumers say they trust cryptocurrencies (40%). The UAE government’s recent enactment of the country’s first law governing virtual assets may have played a role in instilling deeper trust among people in this asset class.