The story of the most iconic fragrance of the luxury candle brand Diptyque, Baies

You can’t go wrong gifting someone Diptyque (Photo: Diptyque)

Diptyque is one of the most coveted candle and fragrance brands.

You’ll have seen their products in glamorous Instagram flat-lays and in YouTubers’ bedrooms and bathrooms.

Every beauty editor rejoices when a company package arrives – it really is a special deal.

Their labels in black and white letters, simple, elegant and delicately placed, are easily distinguished from a mass of products.

Brands like this really make sense during giveaway season. Who wouldn’t want a luxuriously scented candle in an aesthetic votive, which can be reused afterwards as the most glamorous cotton pad holder out there?

The case to go to luxury

It’s not as easy as “burning” money, as some might criticize spending more on these kinds of items.

Candles and other scents can uplift anything from a room, to your mood, to an ambience.

Diptyque is an original idea by Christiane Montadre-Gautrot, Yves Coueslant and Desmond Knox-Leet. All from artistic backgrounds, it makes sense that they created something so chic.

Trends come and go, but Diptyque has kind of stayed current.

“Customers buy from Diptyque because they trust the quality and creativity of the house,” says Amanda Morgan, UK Managing Director.

When you buy from a luxury brand with a long history, you take home some of that heritage and reputation.

“In terms of home fragrance, the particularity of Diptyque candles is the very high quality of the raw materials and the purity of the wax.

“Diptyque was one of the first houses to combine wax and perfume for the first time, with their set of three candles: Aubépine, Thé and Cinnamon (hawthorn, tea, cinnamon).

Diptyque uses a blend of mineral and vegetable waxes in its candles and spends time leveling out scent concentrations, as there is no one-size-fits-all approach for new releases.

Although good at defending its classics, the brand also designs new fragrances each year, which can take from six months to a few years to manufacture.

“It’s hard to predict how long the process will take,” says Amanda, suggesting a bit of perfectionism on the part of the brand – but never a bad thing, from a consumer perspective.

“The last question is about the level of concentration and the maceration process – the higher is not always the better,” she adds.

The stark difference between a luxury brand and a mainstream option is usually the extent to which the scent itself spreads throughout a room when turned on – the former offering much more projection.

Luxury can change the experience of just lighting or vaporizing.

How to get the most out of your candle

Amanda recommends following the “Diptych Ritual”.

  • The first time you light a scented candle, burn it for at least an hour so that the wick absorbs the wax and burns evenly. This will form a homogeneous weld puddle and prevent wax digging (otherwise known as tunneling). Light 190g candles for two or three hours at a time.
  • Cut the wick regularly as you would cut the stems of a bouquet with a wick cutter to avoid unnecessary smoke. Refocus the wick, once the candle is extinguished, to prevent the glass from darkening. To preserve the aroma of your candle, cover it with a lid, once it has cooled.

How it all began

The brand – which started with candles – is celebrating its 60th anniversary with the launch of new, limited-edition fragrances, but the one everyone is coming back to is Berries; their best-selling and perhaps most iconic fragrance.

Although better known today in its candle format, the blend of black currant leaves and roses actually started life as a room scent.

Amanda tells us: “The fragrance was inspired by a memory of the good friend of the founders of Diptyque, Dido Merwin, who was the creator of the pot-pourris, designed in the pure English tradition and sold at Diptyque in its infancy.

“The perfume was created by a moment in time kept in the memory of Dido, who one day picked roses for his bouquets and blackcurrants for his jams.

“As she brought her hands to her face, she was struck by the combined scent of flowers and fruit.”

She then used these objects from her garden – black currant branches and roses – to make a decorative centerpiece (in the form of fresh potpourris) for the table at a dinner party she was hosting. The guests were amazed, and this is the origin story.

Before that, the aforementioned scented candles arrived in 1963, and in the same year the brand’s signature design was solidified.

“A great fan of calligraphy, Desmond’s mission is to draw the portrait of this unique House: a very 18th century medallion, with the motif of the fabric created in 1963,“ Praetorian ”; a character with Celtic accents; a black mark revealing the very slight shaking of the hand, ”said Amanda.

“Oval, dancing letters, small scented scenes, the duality of black and white, the elements of an original and timeless graphic structure which now define the brand by making it recognizable at first glance.

“Sober and poetic” as the founders of the brand were, according to Amanda, five years later, they unveiled their first eau de toilette, L’Eau.

“Bold simplicity, a pioneering temperament… The tone was set,” adds Amanda.

Now you can’t go wrong with this for a giveaway of any sort.

Don’t know where to start with the range? These are our top picks.

Home fragrance Berries

Diptyque berry room spray

A modern day classic (Photo: Diptyque)

Get it for £ 50 at Diptyque.

Discover the scent as it was originally designed: an ambiance enhancer.

Kyoto EDT

Perfume Diptyque kyoto

Hang it up before it disappears (Photo: Diptyque)

Get it for £ 135 at Diptyque.

Limited edition for the brand’s 60th anniversary, this blend of rose and incense for something both sweet and mysterious.

Fig tree three-wick candle

Candle diptych

Splurge (Photo: Diptyque)

Get it for £ 230 at Diptyque.

A real treat, this large three-wick candle will fill the room.

Softening hand wash

Diptyque softening hand wash

Top up rather than buy back (Photo: Diptyque)

Get it for £ 43 at Diptyque.

A bestseller of the brand, it now comes with a rechargeable option, making the next round less expensive.

Amber candle

Amber diptych candle

Reuse after burning (Photo: Diptyque)

Get it for £ 68 at Diptyque.

A classically designed candle is sure to impress, especially when it gives off a seasonal amber scent.

Make EDP wires

Diptyque do son perfume

A heady floral (Photo: Diptyque)

Get it for £ 125 at Diptyque.

For an intoxicating blend of tuberose, orange blossom, jasmine and amber wood, look no further.

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