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The Row has just launched its first collection for children



Photo: Courtesy of The Row

The playground has become much more chic. Now you can send your kids to school with Polished Cashmere Coins from The Row. Yes, the minimalist luxury brand known for its chic cashmere. (We would probably recommend keeping the kids out of the sandbox in this case.)

The Row, the fashion label of the Olsen twins, has created a children’s capsule collection in sizes for ages 2 to 10. Is it really necessary for children to have cashmere over $ 350? Probably not. But to each his own.

Prices start at $ 390 for velor slippers and go all the way up to $ 650 for a belted shawl cardigan.

Who will buy these parts? The brand has a specific niche customer: sophisticated, connoisseur of fabrics and materials, and, oh, nine times out of ten, wealthy. So the children’s collection will probably be for their children.

Photo: Courtesy of The Row

Unlike traditional The Row capsules, which are generally neutral, this one features more color for a younger audience. Children’s cashmere sets are available in fuchsia, royal blue, orange, gray and forest green. The Venetian-inspired velvet slippers are available in three colors.

To help guide the design of the collection, the Olsen twins had conversations with children. “Children exude a sense of playfulness. They were very loud and opinionated about what they liked and didn’t like… We loved listening to their free spirits, ”said Mary-Kate Olsen.

So the next time you’re in Soho and see a toddler wearing shiny cashmere to match their parents, it’ll probably actually be The Row. What a life these children live without even knowing the level of quality and luxury of their bodies.