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The 18 best luxury bedding sets on the market


When it comes to interior design, there is nothing more worthy of a real investment than your bed. Sheets, pillow shams, duvets and of course mattresses can really make or break a good night’s sleep, which can make or break your life (okay, a little dramatic, but sleep is important!) . We’ve already stressed the importance of finding the right pillow and mattress for your sleeping style, so now it’s time for the fun part: discovering the best luxury bedding sets in every material, size and style imaginable. While the term ‘luxury’ implies a higher price tag, we’ve made sure to include options that fit on a lower budget in the upcoming mix as well. Ready to treat yourself like a Goldilocks boujee and the princess of the princess and the pea together? Explore new brands as well as time-tested classics from around the world to decide which luxury ensemble best suits your space and style. (And scroll to the end for a trendy girls treat back!)


Connaught flat sheet

Soft to the touch and subtle in design, the luxurious sets from The White Company are a must-have for those who like to create a neutral foundation. The Connaught Collection features an indulgent blend of silk and cotton with hem detailing. Since it’s 60 percent cotton, you can enjoy a matte, almost chalk-like sheen, while the 40 percent silk part is great for wrinkle prevention and skin hydration. hair and skin.


Felicite King duvet cover set

Liberty has been famous for producing luxury fabrics since its inception in the late 1800s, and Somerset-born bedding brand Coco & Woolf gives those beloved Liberty prints a touch of freshness in their bedding collections. This pale yellow floral cotton set is particularly soft and cheerful, and the pattern dates back to 1933 so you know it will never get tired.


Linen Duvet Cover Set – Twilight

Cultiver, an Australian company, makes its sheets from 100% linen from European linen. All linens are pre-washed, giving them a soft, vintage vibe the moment you get them (basically like someone else is breaking you a new pair of hoes). Cultivate also offers a wide range of colorways so that you can find that specific shade no matter how specific it is. The bedding is also highly breathable, a must for warm sleepers. There is also a reversible linen and silk pillowcase that we cannot recommend highly enough!


Maryam Duvet Cover

Matouk is a staple for luxury bedding sets, and while we’ll always love their basics, this collaboration with Schumacher is a new favorite. Featuring a pattern of flowers and blue berries, the 500-thread count cotton set is guaranteed to make any bedroom more cheerful and energizing.


Eco Heather Flannel Sheet Set – Queen

Flannel sheets are the most comfortable material there is, so if you live in a particularly cold place, you’ll happily slip into this set every night (and unfortunately you’ll come out of it in the morning). Upstate sources its cotton from premium organic Portuguese factories. This checkered set would fit perfectly into a rustic cabin.


Sateen Starter Chamber Set

Los Angeles-based Parachute Home quickly became a household staple (and Instagram feed) when it hit the scene in 2014. You can count on this brand for its understated, effortless elegance that redefined the look. Californian. All of the Parachute sets are great, and you can choose from several different materials and neutral color options. Satin is a crowd pleaser, so go for this set if you don’t know where to start, but if you want something lighter for a warmer climate, go for percale and brushed cotton for the warmer regions. cold.


White with red scalloped sheets

Importing sheets, decorative pillowcases and duvet covers from Europe gives the idea of ​​luxury bedding sets a whole new meaning, especially when the collection in question comes from Parisian D Porthault, a longtime favorite of the style icons around the world. The signature scalloped bed linen now features an energizing red trim (other options include a navy, beige, gray, and white). Although it is expensive, you can be sure that your D Porthault bedding will never go out of style and only get better with age. If you’re feeling daring, take a look at the patterned collections.


Organic striped bedding collection

Ralph Lauren offers cute, preppy prints as well as simple basics, much like the brand’s signature clothing. If you’re familiar with Ralph Lauren shirts, for example, why not stay with the family and invest in some of their bedding? This collection is crafted from soft 400-thread-count organic cotton and mimics classic button stripes.


Frette Essentials Single Ajour Sheets

This Italian textile brand has been the epitome of crisp, clean and luxurious bedding for centuries (it moved from France in 1865 after its first five years) and looks stunning in just about any setting and style. This collection features a subtle ornament of pulled yarn and 300-thread-count cotton for a refined and polished bedroom that remains simple.


Decorative satin pillowcases with Italian borders

Restoration Hardware offers several bedding collections, each with that luxury feel and signature brand look. We love this one for its slightly whimsical and sophisticated character, it gives us the vibe of a luxury hotel in Santorini.


Signature Hemmed Starter Pack

Boll and Branch bedding is ideal for a multitude of reasons. Everything is ethically made, they’re creamy and luxurious, and their fitted sheets have 17-inch deep pockets, which can be a game-changer if you’ve got a big mattress.


Duvet cover

Hill House Home is a modern brand with an old-fashioned sensibility. And while you may be familiar with the brand for its iconic Nap Dress, it actually started out as a bedding company, and the same mix of Victorian influence and modern style holds true in this category. Think preppy stretched borders and delicate floral designs. With its subtle piping, this duvet cover adds a nice decorative touch.


Flora Fantasia Bedding Set

House of Hackney is known for its wild and adventurous designs with a new-age Bloomsbury charm perfect for a modern bohemian who loves layered patterns and eclectic decor. He is best known for his wallpapers and fabrics, so the bedding collections are real hidden gems. We’re looking for how the brand paired the floral embroidery ensemble with leopard print bolsters for an unexpected combo. Bonus: House of Hackney buys and protects 35 square meters of forest with every item sold.


Vintage linen sheet set

If you already know you love linen and are ready to upgrade to a luxury option, consider Matteo Home. Based in Los Angeles, the company manufactures everything there with a small team of around fifty artisans. All fabrics are washed and dyed with non-toxic chemicals. You will save around 10% if you go with the sheet set (includes a top sheet, a fitted sheet and one or two pillow cases depending on the size you order), but you can also mix and match their different neutral tones for a subtle, layered look.


Classic Basic Sheet Set

Brooklinen brings luxurious comfort to the more budget-conscious sleeper. The Classic Core Collection is a great starter set. These sheets and blankets are designed to strike the perfect balance between lightness and comfort and have many positive reviews to back it up. If you’re not convinced even after trying them, Brooklinen has a generous 365 day return policy.


Classic duvet cover

Sferra is another legacy luxury bedding brand that never disappoints in terms of design and comfort. The Classico collection is made from cool-to-the-touch linen, but the brand also specializes in fine cotton, if that’s more of your jam.


Dreamweaver Bundle

There is no more luxury than a faded cotton duvet cover paired with rich velvet decorative pillowcases and unique throws. Mix and match with other bed sets from ABC Carpet & Home, like this ombré velor throw and canal velvet quilted bedspread.


Quilted blanket cover

Run by an Italian family that has been producing linens for four generations, Verderoccia is the epitome of luxury. If the sheets are soft as butter, we are also gaga over this elegant metallic bedspread, the perfect weight between a light sheet and a thick duvet.


♫ Egyptian cotton sheets Na na na na na na na na ♫

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