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Syte unveils stories of discovery, bringing together social commerce and product discovery for advanced shopping experiences


The next generation of Syte’s AI-powered product discovery platform delivers added value to shoppers, introducing a new on-site social commerce solution to enhance user experience.

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Systemthe leading product discovery platform for retail, today announced the launch of Discovery Stories, an enhanced, mobile-focused user interface (UI) that transforms the product discovery and recommendation experience on brand and retailer websites, giving it the look and feel of ‘Stories’ on social media for a better customer shopping experience.

Discovery Stories allow mobile shoppers to easily and interactively discover new products by using main page real estate to display the most relevant product recommendations, all in a buyable story format. The familiar social interface makes engaging with a retailer’s products intuitive and simple, much like tapping through stories on social media. The feature is the first step in a suite of socially-inspired product discovery solutions, powered by Syte’s advanced visual AI platform, which the company plans to release while remaining focused on the trending strength of social habits and preferences of consumers. .

New Accenture Report Predicts Social Commerce Will Grow three times faster than traditional e-commerce, more than doubled by $492 billion in the world in 2021 for $1.2 trillion in 2025. Shopping behaviors are changing daily and the pandemic has continued to massively shift customers to mobile and social commerce. With the continued hesitations of in-store purchases, retailers need technology that allows them to cater to different types of shoppers and meet ever-changing needs, while optimizing their own bottom line. Syte’s existing product discovery platform has revolutionized the way consumers can interact with a retailer’s website, and this new feature borrows those same proven features to dramatically improve the mobile shopping experience.

Social media shopping is exploding among Gen Z consumers, with nearly 60% saying they made unplanned purchases “at the time”. This particular generation – the one with ever-increasing purchasing power – is one of impulse purchasers, looking for quick and responsive shopping experiences to captivate them. When it comes to discovering new fashion trends and cult pieces, 45% of current Instagram users say they prefer Stories, and more than 500 million Instagram accounts use Stories every day. The concept of the highly visual platform is well-suited to fashion, jewelry and home decor brands and retailers, who benefit from providing customers with visual search and discovery options, similar to the shopping experience. in-store purchase.

“Social media plays a central role in our everyday lives. Gen Z and Millennials in particular now expect constantly updated stories and personalized photos and videos as part of their social media experiences. ‘purchase’, said Vered Levy-Ron, CEO of Syte. “Syte’s existing platform already bundles solutions such as visual and site search and personalization, but as consumers regularly engage with stories on social media, these latest features will allow them to use this same functionality in their buying journey. Tools like Discovery Stories further empower our customers to deliver optimal social and mobile customer experiences, which translates to increased sales and customer retention.”

Syte’s new Discovery Stories feature takes its existing product discovery platform – a platform that enables brands to create personalized shopping journeys for customers, introducing them to the products they’re most interested in. likely to buy, the way they most prefer to shop – taken to the next level with an advanced on-site experience that adapts to the social buyer journey, resulting in increased traffic, sales and customer loyalty for retailers.

Syte’s Discovery Stories feature will be available to all new and existing customers later this month.

About System:
Syte is the world’s leading product discovery platform for retail. It uses visual AI to create intuitive search and discovery experiences for all types of shoppers. Syte’s solutions include visual and text search, automated product tagging, personalized recommendation carousels, and more. They use unique data generated by visual AI to help shoppers find the most relevant products. Brands and retailers like Farfetch, Signet Jewelers (UK), PrettyLittleThing, Coleman Furniture, SHEIN and Baycrew partner with Syte to drive e-commerce revenue and build long-term customer loyalty.

To learn more about Syte’s solutions, products, technology, patents and trademarks, visit www.syte.ai.

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