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Signs promise an auction in Greenwood Village with luxury items, but is it real?


DENVER — Blue signs scattered around Denver’s Central Park neighborhood offer a rare opportunity to bid on items from a divorce settlement at an auction taking place in Greenwood Village on Sunday, but is it real ?

Luxury items “for sale” include a Ferrari, Rolexes and even Picasso paintings. Mailed flyers offer the same promise.

If you’re experiencing deja vu, it’s because signs like these have popped up before in Denver and across the country. They were spotted on the subway as recently as November 2021, according to a Reddit post.

And just last year, a Maryland TV station found a sign with much the same verbiage as those found in Central Park. The ones here appear to be related to a company called Heritage Estate Solutions.

Its website contains no information about its headquarters or ownership. Who.is shows it was registered in 2019 in Virginia. However, the website has several videos showing certain auction items.

Denver7 contacted the company using only contact information on its website, an email address, and has yet to receive a response. Denver7 also called the number on the panel. The woman on the other line with the “auction service” says it’s not a scam and the company has booked a hotel room.

An employee of the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel at 7801 E. Orchard Rd., where the company says the auction is scheduled to take place Sunday at 2 p.m., told Denver7 that an auction is taking place on Sunday. But what items will really be sold, there is a mystery.

“If you don’t know who the seller is, who’s doing the auction, that should make you wonder,” Edith Parrish-Kohler said Friday.

The owner and president of Colorado Premier Realty and Auction Services says most auctioneers won’t advertise using yard signs like the ones seen in Central Park, and regardless of how they advertise, they make sure consumers know exactly who they are and what they are selling. .

“We’re all about identification, brand recognition and the visibility and accessibility of our name,” Parrish-Kohler said.

Being a member of a state auctioneers association and a physical location accessible to the public isn’t essential, but it’s a good sign that an auction company is reputable, says Parrish. – Kohler.

Heritage Estate Solutions is not a member of the Colorado Auctioneers Association, according to its online listing.

“It’s up to you as a consumer to do the groundwork and make sure that [what you’re dealing with] is a legitimate business,” she said.

A spokesperson for the Colorado secretary of state said Heritage Estate Solutions is not registered to do business in the state. A Greenwood Village spokesperson says it also has no business registry, which means the company cannot collect any sales tax from its auctions.