Home Luxury brand Road rage killer Kenny Noye drives a brand new luxury black four-wheel drive Mercedes GLC 220D, despite his seemingly modest lifestyle, living in a one-bedroom flat in Sevenoaks, Kent

Road rage killer Kenny Noye drives a brand new luxury black four-wheel drive Mercedes GLC 220D, despite his seemingly modest lifestyle, living in a one-bedroom flat in Sevenoaks, Kent


Just days after MailOnline revealed Kenny Noye had received a speeding ticket, he was seen driving a flashy new automobile worth around £50,000.

Despite leading a seemingly modest life in a one-bedroom flat in Sevenoaks, Kent, the double murderer drives a brand new luxury black Mercedes GLC 220D four-wheel drive.

Despite being an unemployed pensioner, Noye, 75, who served 21 years in prison for killing Stephen Cameron on the M25, looked like he could afford the car with a top speed of 134mph.

In 1983, a £26million Brink’s-Mat raid at Heathrow resulted in the theft of gold bars by a former gangster who had also fatally killed an undercover policeman. He was found guilty of handling this gold in 1986.

11 bullion were discovered in his former residence, but the majority of the stolen gold was never found.

For his part in the infamous robbery, he was sentenced to 14 years in prison, fined £500,000 and a further £200,000 in expenses. He also served eight years in prison.

Mercedes lists its base GLC 220d vehicles on its website for £49,465, but buyers have to shell out extra money for higher spec models.

Noye’s old black VW Tiguan sports utility vehicle is believed to have been replaced by the automatic diesel model, which has a top speed of 134mph.

Noye’s financial situation remains a mystery and it is unclear how he supports his lifestyle.

He is entitled to a UK state pension worth up to £185.15 a week as a pensioner, but he would only receive the full amount if he had contributed to the system for 30 years .

Due to the fact that Noye spent almost 30 years in prison, it is unknown how much NI would have earned during his career.

He qualified for a £46 ‘release grant’ when he was released from prison in June 2019.

This one-time payment from the government is intended to help released prisoners meet their initial living expenses, including travel and food. Since then it has risen to £76.

Noye was caught speeding in his VW Tiguan on the A225 at Otford, Kent, on February 25 at 47mph in a 40mph zone, according to reports published by MailOnline last week.

He was offered the option of taking a speed awareness course or having three points added to his driving record.

It is believed that Noye chose the course because it included a lesson on the risks associated with road rage.

In 1985, Noye discovered DC John Fordham hiding in the grounds of his 20-acre estate in West Kingsdown, Kent, and stabbed him ten times.

When Noye was suspected of handling gold bars from the Brink’s-Mat raid, the officer was keeping tabs on him.

Noye and Brian Reader are charged with the murder of DC Fordham, who later rose to prominence as the masterminds behind the 2015 Hatton Garden jewelry robbery.

However, an Old Bailey jury found both not guilty when Noye claimed he acted in self-defense because he feared he would be attacked.

After being released from prison, Noye was on parole when he lost his temper and stabbed 21-year-old Stephen Cameron during a roadside altercation on an M25 slip road in Swanley, London. Kent. Noye was eventually found guilty of handling some of the stolen gold.

He escaped the country on a private plane donated by his late friend John Palmer of the Brink’s-Mat team, and he eventually made his way to southern Spain, where he was apprehended in August 1998.

Noye was apprehended after Stephen’s girlfriend Danielle Cable, who saw the murder, was secretly brought to the scene by British police and recognized him there. She’s still in a witness protection program.

In May 1999 he was extradited back to Britain and the following year Danielle bravely testified against him at the Old Bailey.

Noye was sentenced to life in prison for murder and a minimum sentence of 16 years, but was released from prison in June 2019.

One of his parole conditions includes a warning not to break the law or associate with those who had a criminal past.

Last October MailOnline reported that Noye had become close friends with gorgeous grandmother Michelle Budd, 48, who calls herself a ‘hippie chick’ and offers therapeutic horse hugs for children.

Sources say he met the divorced mother-of-three near her Kent home at a roadside burger stand.

Noye was then spotted touring her home and driving with her around the countryside, taking enjoyable trips to local pubs.

MailOnline told how he even showed up at her stables near Dartford where she introduced her horses to groups of young children, helping many of them with anxiety or emotional issues.

The blossoming friendship between the unlikely pair shocked many of horse-lover Ms Budd’s friends who were troubled by Noye’s criminal past.

It is said that he simply introduced himself as “Ken” when he met his 18-year-old son.

Noye is estranged from his wife Brenda Tremain, with whom he has two adult sons, Kevin and Brett.

It was reported in October 2020 that he was back with his former love Karen Bricker-Jones, a businesswoman who he had first dated 40 years before before being imprisoned.

He is said to have divided his time between Karen’s mother-of-three four-bedroom Tudor home in Surrey and her boy’s apartment in Kent after his release from prison.

Neighbors saw him carrying groceries and taking out the trash while staying on his property

Privately educated Karen, 59, reportedly regularly visited Noye in prison while he was serving his sentence for murder.

Ms Budd, who has two grandchildren, describes herself in online publications as an equine learning coach and qualified physical education teacher.

She is the owner and founder of the Kent Equine Facilitated Learning Centre, a community benefit enterprise that promotes ‘relaxation through horse care’.

Ms Budd’s therapy sessions are said to help children by “connecting with nature, managing emotions and doing natural crafts”.

His stables’ website is full of pictures of children patting and stroking horses.

She is said to offer “help for people seeking answers, support in relationships, work, progress, acceptance, forgiveness, drug addicts and children with autism”.

A friend of Ms Budd told MailOnline last October: ‘She’s all about peace and love and goes by the name ‘Hippy Chick’ on Facebook.

“She has a gentle and caring nature. It’s about being kind and reaching your inner self. But Noye is evil, mean and violent and has killed two people.

“It’s hard for us as friends to see them together. They’re like chalk and cheese when it comes to their individual personalities. She’s a kind person who cares for the kids she helps .

Ms Budd denied having a relationship with Noye when interviewed by MailOnline last year.

When she was first approached, she said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about mate.”

Later she said, “I know him. He’s a family friend. But she added: “I have no comment to make mate”. It’s new for me. I’m a little flabbergasted to be fair.

When asked how the fact that he had killed two people sat down with a woman who described herself as a hippie, she added, “I have no comment.”

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