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Pilgrim review! This Genie Skincare brand has products that are a legit 10/10 on all metrics

Pilgrim review! This Genie Skincare brand has products that are a legit 10/10 on all metrics, check it out! (Photo credit – Website)

Today, the skincare industry is so vast that it is impossible to choose products from a single brand that has everything to suit all age groups, genders, and skin types. We are in a phase where local brands are doing better than existing international brands on the market. Today I am going to talk about a brand that has left me amazed with the results of their products and I am truly in awe of them. It’s none other than Pilgrim. Scroll below to read my take.

Now, Pilgrim happens to be a brand that’s fairly new to the market, but is often talked about for its amazing products that have received rave reviews from skincare junkies. It is a vegan brand, cruelty-free, dermatologically tested, with no toxins, parabens and sulfates in their products. The concept behind the brand is so beautiful that it will inspire you to use only the best ingredients on your skin, hair and body.

I’ve been using this local brand for over a month now and will talk about how I liked their products while recommending some of my favorites. I have dry skin and generally prefer products that soothe my skin, leave it looking hydrated and plumped.

Pilgrim is a brand that is my recent favorite and not because I was swayed by someone on social media but because the results of the products spoke for themselves. The results are visible on the face from the first application and take my word for it.

Now let’s take a look at some of my favorite products from the brand:

Squalane Foaming Facial Cleanser –

Squalane Foaming Facial Cleanser

Pilgrim’s Squalene Foaming Face Wash comes with a soft brush that makes it easy to use and hassle-free. For someone who has dry skin like me, this is a goddamn product from the first use and absolutely will not make your skin dry. It contains Kiwi extracts, Squalene and Vitamin B which leaves your skin soft from the first application. It is priced at Rs 350 which is honestly a case of theft.

Squalane Glow Night Mask –

Squalane Glow Night Mask

I can just keep raving about this magic potion in a jar and I’m not even kidding about it. I use it three times a week and it has made my skin feel so soft and I wake up with a dewy face in the morning. It contains hyaluronic acid, squalene and alpha arbutin and is ideally very good for dry and irritated skin. I’ve been using it for over a month now and love this genie in a tub. It is at the price of Rs550 and I would recommend it 10/10.

Red Vine Eye Cream with Retinol and Vitamin C –

Red Vine Eye Cream with Retinol and Vitamin C

I don’t usually recommend eye creams, but this one has become my favorite lately. I’ve used various high end brands and none of them seemed to work for me except for Pilgrim’s Eye Cream which has Retinol, Vitamin C and Vine . It slowly fades your dark circles and instantly relieves those puffy eyes. The product is priced at Rs450.

Squalane Toner & Mist –

Squalane Toner & Mist

I love mists. This is my favorite part of skincare; like I could keep spraying mists on my face and never get tired of it. Haha! Pilgrim’s squalene toner is very gentle on the skin and contains extracts of aloe vera, squalene (obviously) and kiwi. It has a bit of a strong smell for those who don’t like to use perfume in their skin care routine but settles in seconds without leaving skin irritated. It is priced at Rs 300.

I really love how Pilgrim has made essential ingredients affordable for everyone. This was my take on this hidden but absolutely amazing brand. Try their products and let me know your experience about it in the comments below.

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