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Patriot buddies venture into the world of sports fashion | News


JONESBORO – Two Jonesboro natives have decided to venture into the world of fashion with their new line of skiwear, which will be available in the fall, through their new company called Aprèsbros.

Although they don’t quit their day jobs, Dr. Michael Warren Boone II, or Warren as he prefers to be called, and his lifelong best friend, Dr. Frederick Michael Isaacson, who goes by the name Erick, are physicians who have decided to join forces as sports fashion entrepreneurs.

Growing up in Jonesboro, they’ve known each other since elementary school.

Boone is the son of Mike and Tonya Boone, and Isaacson is the son of Micheal and Julie Isaacson, all of Jonesboro. Both graduated from Jonesboro High School in 2002.

“Erick and I met in elementary school, but started hanging out almost every weekend in high school,” Boone said.

Isaacson added that they became best friends while living together through the four years of college as they completed their undergraduate studies at Rhodes College in Memphis in 2006 and then for another year in Fayetteville before moving on. to separate.

After which, Boone would complete his medical school at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, while Isaacson would complete his doctorate at ATSU Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Mo.

Now they both work in the medical field as Boone does his residency at the Medical University of South Carolina and Isaacson does his residency at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago.

“We separated starting in medical school,” Boone said, “but we’ve been traveling together ever since, skiing of course, or going to Europe, or visiting wherever the other lived at the time.”

That’s how they created Afterbros, according to Boone.

“In our early thirties,” Boone recalls, “we started sampling ski suits, ski suits. We liked to ski in them, but we couldn’t find any that combined form and function. , so to speak. Those that were fun, those that were retro or themed or both, didn’t use current advances in insulation and breathability, and then those that were more about insulation and breathability were pretty much boring, but not the look we were going for.”

“Why can’t we do it ourselves? they wondered, year after year.

Although they aren’t quite sure how or where to start, Boone said that when he first started dating his wife, Nikki Boone, she was working with a consulting firm in New York that helps people like them understand how to turn their idea into a reality.

“So we had a few discussions with them,” Isaacson said. “It was in 2020, just when the pandemic was starting. Warren said he did, and I knew I had to be on board too.

While researching name concepts for the new company, they came up with Afterbros, which Isaacson said sounded really good for a product line.

“We beat a lot of names, a lot of concepts,” Boone said. “We wanted something eye-catching, of course, something that sticks to your skin and something that reflects who we are.”

Isaacson explained, “Afterbros combines two words that we hope sum up our vision. The after is that time when you gather around a fire and tell stories of adventures, and the brothers are the people you are closest to, your friends, your family, those people who are worth it.

They are very proud of their logo, they said, and where it came from, noting that it is also a tribute to Isaacson’s grandfather.

“We love freedom and our country,” Boone said.

“My grandfather was in the 10th Mountain Division during World War II,” Isaacson said, “Warren and I were always very inspired by those guys, so we designed our logo as a tribute to the logo of division by replacing swords with skis.”

Isaacson’s grandfather, Dr. Lloyd Isaacson, and his division specialized in mountain and winter warfare, Isascson noted, adding that they trained in the mountains of Colorado during World War II. .

So they said they tried to combine both mountain life and patriotism when designing their brand.

The suits should be available for purchase around October or November, they said, just in time for the ski season and the holidays.

Boone said they had hoped to have them in time for this current ski season, but supply chain issues have hampered that, as they have for so many people and businesses.

They said their new ski suits are different from many other brands because of the way they are designed.

“There are many other ski suits out there – that’s very true,” Boone said, “For the most part they try to be the most fun suit on the mountain, the Vogue suit on the mountain or the most popular suit. more functional on the mountain.”

Isaacson added that the other wetsuits they’ve tried were fun but lacked in several aspects, “mainly performance technology and durability.”

The men’s costume has many built-in features, such as the American flag cape that wraps into the costume, the three-in-one combo (jacket-vest-pants), zipped vest, faux fur collar and multiple pockets handy (similar to a game pouch, they said) for glasses, snacks, phones or whatever.

They said there was also a more feminine and sleek women’s version with fewer pockets, slimming, and extra lining in the legs for added warmth.

Isaacson said he loves many aspects of the active lifestyle and would like to expand his presence elsewhere, likely starting in the worlds of fly fishing and golf.

Boone said they wanted their company and its products to be “a ticket to a great day, both on and off the slopes.”

“As Warren said,” added Isaacson, “we want our suits to be more than just a ski suit, we want them to be an experience.”

For more information about their brand and products, visit their website at www.apresbros.com or on Instagram at apresbros.