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Nobis Announces New Global Brand Ambassador Simu Liu


Simu liu has always attached great importance to supporting Asian creators and entrepreneurs throughout his career. And as an actor, he’s sought out roles in film and television that often challenge the status quo. The vision of this partnership was to apply that same fresh perspective of challenging conventions and celebrating them on the world stage. Nobis’ culture aligns effortlessly with Simu’s vision of leading with excellence, passion and inclusiveness – a priority commitment that has been present for the founders, Kevin Au-Yeung & Robin yates for the last 15 years of the brand’s activity.

“Over the past 15 years, Nobis has pushed the boundaries of excellence with its innovative approach to highly adaptable and forward-thinking performance clothing, as such we are extremely honored to partner with a model of excellence. , change and diversity. Simu liu“say the founders of Nobis Kevin Au-Yeung & Robin yates. “His determination for diversification and power of influence is inspiring and embodies the Nobis ethos in a genuine and natural way for this incredibly special milestone.”

Inspired by giving consumers the confidence to speak up, Simu and Nobis have created a series of vignettes throughout this new campaign that match different elements of Simu’s personal journey and professional career. These important elements of his life including music, sports and writing signify the obstacles he overcame throughout his life based on preconceived misconceptions due to his ethnicity.

For me, this new adventure with Nobis is personal – it has given me the chance to help continue to pave the way for those who are denied opportunities because of their ethnicity, so as to put their voice and their stories in the foreground., “said Simu liu. “I really support Nobis and the idea of ​​challenging the parameters of society through fashion.

This introductory announcement Simu liu as a global ambassador comes with the introduction of a new collection meant to push boundaries, evoke purpose through timeless and functional silhouettes, and incorporate a modern touch that channels authentic Simu style.


About Nobis

In 2007, “Nobis” – Latin for “us” was launched. Nobis is a world-renowned Canadian premium outerwear and accessories brand that adheres to the belief that trends can come and go, but style, function and quality will forever be timeless. The collections are designed for the ever-changing global winters, unpredictable seasonal conditions and the growing need for fashionable and functional outerwear. Under InnoVision Holdings Corporation, Nobis continues to test new limits in the fast growing outerwear and fashion accessories markets. In 2010, Nobis was selected as one of the three finalists of the Markham Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence in Global Affairs. Nobis is currently available in more than 35 countries, North America, Europe, and Asia including United States, France, UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and of course, our native Canada.