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New American Legion brand ready to market


A new era of American Legion identity has begun.

The American Legion brand is now available for a variety of promotional uses – from social media channels to membership campaigns – and may be downloaded here. The logo does not replace the organization’s patented official emblem in 1919, which remains in use for official documents, commemorative celebrations, uniforms and postal signage.

“The American Legion brand was created to modernize our image and attract a new generation of veterans,” said Dean Kessel, American Legion Marketing Director. “We debuted this vibrant new design on the American Legion sponsored 48 car during the 2021 NTT INDYCAR Racing Series, and millions of fans got to see it in every race. It’s crisp, clear, and efficient, even at 225mph. The design has received rave reviews, and now we’re ready to take it forward to all levels of the American Legion.

The American Legion Marketing Division has established guidelines to help departments and positions choose when to use the mark and when the official emblem is most appropriate.

The brand must be displayed in all marketing communications, such as:

– Advertising

– Lifestyle clothing (such as polo shirts and baseball caps)

– Community service activities

– Fund raising

– Sponsorships

– Membership recruitment support

– Digital media

– Social media

– Update of postage signage

– Event announcements

– Email signature lines

The emblem of the American Legion is reserved for official communications of the organization, such as:

– Legal documents

– Policy statements

– Official reports

– Press Releases

– Business cards

– Traditional postal signage

Financial documents

– Official letterhead

Kessel explained that trademarks are often used successfully to promote organizations and institutions that similarly have and maintain age-old seals, including all branches of the U.S. military. The American Legion’s Marketing Division studied the effectiveness of these brands during a three-month design-development process that involved the participation of a focus group earlier in 2021.

“When it comes to communications for events, recruiting and other marketing functions, the brands of the military branches are the most familiar and positively recognized by the public, the official seals less,” Kessel said. “This is quickly proving true for the The American Legion brand, which now appears on the American Legion’s national website, social media, electronic newsletters and a growing body of promotional material. “

Like the emblem, the mark is the legally protected property of the National Headquarters of the American Legion. Any use outside the organization – such as merchandising, marketing by groups not affiliated with the American Legion, or at political events – is legally restricted and requires permission from the National Warrant Officer.

The same rules for authorizing the use of the official emblem apply to the mark. These rules, along with an online nomination form, are available at www.legion.org/emblem/request on the National American Legion website.

“Like the emblem, the new mark should never be used in political rallies for candidates or to promote organizations and events not associated with the American Legion without prior written permission,” Kessel said.

In the coming months, new clothing, flags, signs and other materials adorned with the new brand will be available and promoted through Emblem Sales. The national membership-recruiting media portfolio is also being refreshed to display the new brand.