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Must Read: Revlon Files for Bankruptcy, Harlem’s Fashion Row Announces Partnership with LVMH North America


These are the stories that make fashion headlines on Thursday.

Revlon files for bankruptcy
Revlon filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week, Bloomberg reports, citing global supply chain issues that have exacerbated the cosmetics company’s existing problems. “Consumer demand for our products remains strong – people love our brands and we continue to have a healthy position in the market. But our difficult capital structure has limited our ability to manage macro-economic issues in order to meet this request,” said Debra, CEO of Revlon. Perelman told the publication, in a statement. {Bloomberg}

Harlem’s Fashion Row Announces Partnership with LVMH North America
Harlem’s Fashion Row works with LVMH’s North America division to create and foster a more equitable fashion industry through mentorship opportunities, sponsorships, access to luxury conglomerate portfolio executives and more. “Through this partnership, HFR and LVMH North America look forward to continuing their mission of giving designers of color access to the individuals and organizations that can help shape their future,” said Brandice Daniel, CEO and Founder of Harlem’s Fashion. Row, in a statement. “We’ve successfully introduced a host of diverse designers to a world-class fashion curriculum comprised of invaluable tools and resources to grow their businesses, and educated Gen Z on how they too can change the course of In conjunction, we’ve created opportunities for young people to engage in high school, meeting the marginalized, especially HBCU students, where they are in their fashion careers.” {Fashionista Inbox}

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A new podcast on sustainability in fashion
On Thursday, Post Script Media is launching a new weekly podcast called Hot Buttons, which aims to address sustainability in the fashion industry. Hosted by journalist Christina Binkley, circularity expert Rachel Kibbe and Thrilling co-founder, CEO Shilla Kim-Parker, the show “will break down headlines, industry moves and tech breakthroughs to reveal the difficult road ahead for the fashion industry” and “helping listeners understand how change is happening, where it is stalling and identifying the biggest opportunities for progress,” according to a press release. {Inbox fashionistas}

The hunt for the next big category in activewear
For fashion company, Chavie Lieber and Daniel-Yaw Miller report on recent developments in active wear focused on sports that are still considered niche, such as pickleball and skiing, and the opportunities therein. {fashion company}

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