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Modern family: 9 things that make no sense about the show


It has been almost two years since Modern family ended. This kind-hearted fake documentary remains a must-have for all kinds of families, especially during the holidays. Modern family follows the life of the extended Pritchett family – a group of very different people brought together by family.

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Even though it portrays a healthy and funny story, no TV show is perfect and Modern family is no exception. There are several things about Modern family that were either poorly written or poorly executed, and it only takes a glance to notice them.

9 Alex’s age doesn’t match the modern family timeline

Alex dunphy

Alex Dunphy is Phil and Claire’s middle child. A bright, rational but condescending girl, she tends to be exasperated by her family’s lack of common sense. Some things about him don’t make sense, like his age.

In the first season of Modern family, it is said that Alex is 13 years old. Four seasons later, she turns 15 Under pressure. Everyone was 4, so Alex should have been 17. At the end of Modern family, Alex is around 21 because she can now drink legally. Indeed, she is 2 years younger than she should be.

8 Mitch and Claire’s relationship with their father

Claire Jay and Mitch

Claire and Mitchell Pritchett are the two children of Jay and DeDe. Jay and DeDe had a toxic marriage that ended in divorce after DeDe left and became a estranged mother. When Modern family begins, DeDe is not in the picture, while Claire and Mitch have a strained relationship with their father.

In the early seasons, Jay is strict, tough, and struggles to be open. He is constantly condescending to his children and finds it difficult to come to terms with Mitch’s sexuality. As Jay undergoes some serious personal and emotional development, it seems odd that Claire and Mitch are initially so happy to be close to him. Maybe Jay is the lesser of two evils.

seven Gloria allows Javier to disappoint Manny

Gloria prichett

Even after Fulgencio’s birth, Gloria and Manny share a special mother-son bond due to the many years they have spent together. This makes Gloria particularly overprotective towards Manny, who is also a very sensitive boy.

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It is well known that Gloria is a very passionate woman. Despite this, she rarely disputes Javier’s emotional neglect of Manny. Modern family fans know Gloria is no stranger to standing up for her beliefs. As much as she wants Manny to have a father, it’s weird that she doesn’t scold Javier more often, or end it when Manny is young and impressionable.

6 Haley’s progression turned to regression

Haley dunphy

When Modern family begins, Haley Dunphy is a rebellious, sassy and lazy teenager. In the middle of Modern family, Haley finds a job in the fashion industry and finds a stable, appropriate, and kind boyfriend, Andy.

Her life was on the right track and she had new responsibilities, but she is recovering with her wacky high school boyfriend, Dylan. She becomes pregnant with twins, lives with Phil and Claire for their support and struggles with motherhood. Although Haley and Dylan move into Cam and Mitch’s house, it still feels like her evolution has fallen apart.

5 Dunphy’s financial situation is much better than it should be

claire and phil

In the first season of Modern family, Phil works as a real estate agent while Claire takes on the responsibilities of a stay-at-home mom. The Dunphy household is a one-income household, but there are 5 people in the house. In addition, Phil’s job is heavily dependent on the real estate market, so it is far from stable.

Either way, the Dunphys never have financial problems. They own a house and at least two cars, they have enough savings to enroll their children in college, and they go on vacation several times. This plot hole is resolved over the following seasons when Claire begins working for Pritchett’s Closets & Blinds and becomes CEO of Pritchett’s.

4 Andy and Haley broke up after having a perfect relationship

haley and andy modern family

After a long arc of willpower, Haley and Andy finally solve their own problems and reunite. Having met when Haley had inappropriate and disinterested boyfriends, Andy and Haley were a strong partner. However, their relationship does not last more than five episodes. Andy leaves to become a real estate agent in Utah.

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The end of this relationship has more to do with Adam Devine’s scheduling issues than with the writing of Modern family. In fact, the producers even said Andy and Haley were originally intended as an endgame. However, it was impossible to give their relationship a proper storyline, and it remains one of the worst arcs of Modern family.

3 Elizabeth Banks as Mitch & Cam’s best friend, Sal

Elizabeth Banks as Sal in the Modern Family

Sal, played by Elizabeth Banks, is Cam and Mitch’s best friend. She is a spoiled and wild woman whose idea of ​​having fun didn’t change after her college days. Although she is only a guest character, she appears several times during Modern familyIt’s ten seasons, each time more chaotic than the previous one.

Sal doesn’t have to be meaningful – that’s what makes the character funny. However, Mitch and Cam are no longer partiers and Sal expresses a strong dislike for their child, Lily. It looks like they’ll get past their friendship with Sal.

2 The whole family started ignoring Lily once she grew up

modern lily family

Lily’s arrival in the family is one of the most important and healthiest times, Cam and Mitch being able to raise a child and become a family. Despite this, her presence in the house ceases to be relevant when she is no longer a baby. A frequent comedy trope is that his parents frequently forget about him. It’s like there are too many characters on Modern family, so there is no room for a script for it.

At the end of Modern family, Lily is around 12, the age Luke and Manny were in season one. However, Lily Tucker-Pritchett never really develops a personality outside of being violently sarcastic. It’s such a shame because Aubrey Anderson-Emmons has a lot of potential as an actress.

1 Cam & Mitch argue frequently

cam and mitch

Mitch and Cam spend a lot of Modern family fight against each other. Usually, they constantly engage in small and small fights just to be right. Although their opposing natures make the couple endearing, they rarely get along in day-to-day affairs.

Cam and Mitch are both adamant – neither of them is willing to give up on anything. Having a relationship is the most unlikely arc in Modern family. Despite their sweet moments and obvious signs of love, it surprises fans that they stay together.

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