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Luxury Cannabis Edibles Brand Hervé Launches “Le Mirage” Hard Candy With MoonWLKR


Luxury cannabis edibles brand herve revealed on tuesday MoonWLKRa CBD+ Manufacturer and Retailer Delta 8 Introduces Hervé’s Patent-Pending Le Mirage Refillable Storage and Dispensing Technology for New Line of MoonWLKR ‘Moon Rocks’ Sublingual Hard Candy.

The Mirage is a discreet and rechargeable hard candy dispensing mechanism which is protected by USDA patent pending technology. Its inserts are 100% vegan and gluten-free and contain less than 2 calories per serving, making them ideal for cannabis users looking for low-sugar and diet products.

MoonWLKR’s Mirage Moon Rocks Collection features their best-selling flavor of ‘Cosmic Peppermint’ in three formats, including a “Starter Kit”, “Refill Pack” and “Moon Bundle” – which includes 1 Starter Kit and 1 Refill Pack for $39.99.

The Cosmic Starter Kit includes Cosmic Peppermint Moonstones, Le Mirage Dispenser, and 30 Delta 8 THC Hard Candies (12.5mg per piece).
“At MoonWLKR, we are dedicated to bringing hemp-based products to our customers and having access to Le Mirage technology for a range of new hard candies provides our customers with a product that meets our customers’ demand for a vegan, low-sugar, fast-acting product that also comes in a sleek dispenser,” MoonWLKR marketing team declared. “The Mirage gives MoonWLKR the opportunity to continue to lead the industry with innovative breakthrough products.”

About MoonWLKR

MoonWLKR is engaged in developing, producing, marketing and selling raw materials, white label products and end-use products containing the industrial hemp plant extract, CBD. The company sells to numerous consumer markets, including the botanicals, beauty care, pet care and functional food sectors.

Photo: Courtesy of Hervé