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Lexus jumps into the top 3 for quality and beats all other luxury brands | EngineBiscuit


Before purchasing a new car, it would be helpful to know the thoughts and experiences of other drivers during their first few months of ownership. Fortunately, JD Power collects this information in its initial annual quality study in the United States. The 2021 study marks a big step for Lexus as owners have had fewer issues with their new 2021 Lexus vehicles than in previous years. While the survey does not guarantee long-term quality and reliability, it does make Lexus a brand to consider.

How JD Power ranks brands and cars for this study

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The JD Power 2021 Initial Quality Study in the United States reports the results of a 223-question survey of new car owners, detailing the problems they encountered with their vehicles in the first 90 days and ranking the brands based on reported issues per 100 vehicles. Lower brand scores are better.

JD Power has administered the survey since 1986, and the 2021 survey collected responses from 110,827 buyers and renters of new 2021 model year vehicles. Problems range from powertrain issues to infotainment system issues. Interestingly, the most reported issue for 2021 is smartphone connectivity (often wireless issues), and infotainment is the most problematic subcategory.

Lexus is the top rated premium brand. With Genesis, Lexus is the only premium brand that performs above the industry average. In general, consumer brands outperform premium brands.

Lexus Brand Rankings and 2021 Improvement

Among the brand rankings in the US JD Power 2021 Initial Quality Study, Ram comes in first, Dodge comes in second and Lexus moves up to third.

Ram has a score of 128 PP100 in 2021 (problems per 100 vehicles), while Dodge has 139 PP100, Lexus and Mitsubishi have 144 PP100 each and Nissan 146 PP100. Lexus owners had fewer issues with their new 2021 vehicles, leading to a significant increase in the luxury automaker’s ratings and placing it at the top of the premium brands.

Last year’s JD Power 2020 initial quality study in the United States rated Genesis as the best premium brand for the fourth year in a row. Dodge and Kia tied for best brand, each with a score of 136 PP100. Lexus, Genesis and Cadillac were the only premium brands to score better than the industry average.

Lexus received 159 PP100 in last year’s study and placed 12th overall. Compare that to his much better score of 144 PP100 and third place this year.

Owners say these are the best Lexus cars

The automakers that received the most model awards in 2021 are Hyundai Motor Group, with seven awards; Toyota Motor Corporation, with five awards; BMW AG, with four awards; Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., with three awards; and General Motors and Stellantis NV, each with two awards.

Lexus has made a significant contribution to its parent company’s award collection. The top-ranked Toyota Motor Corporation models in their segments are the Lexus RC (premium compact car), Lexus RX (high-end mid-size SUV), Lexus UX (small premium SUV), Toyota Sequoia (large SUV) and Toyota Tundra (large takeover of rights).

About JD Power

JD Power is a data analysis and market research company that shares customer opinions to “help brands improve the value of their products and services.” The company has been analyzing several sectors since 1968, and the automotive industry is at the heart of its concerns. JD Power is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, but has offices in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Lexus had an exceptional year in the JD Power 2021 Initial Quality Study in the United States. Fewer owner-reported issues for 2021 earned the automaker a better score and catapulted it into the top three overall, beating all other luxury brands.

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