Land Rover Defender 90 defends the nameplate – Saratogian


Strapped down, wrapped up and ready to defend!

These days, manufacturers are taking advantage of the craze to fill their lots with an assortment of vehicles for all types of consumers. From sedans to SUVs to off-road machines, the joy of consumer loyalty is at an all-time high.

For Land Rover, it’s the status quo. In the Grasso Garage this week is Land Rover’s Defender 90 First Edition 2021. Although this is last year’s model, experiencing the first edition was actually quite enjoyable. This two-door Defender version is made for just about anything, although off-roading is where the thrills start.

Keep in mind that Land Rover and its British-style manufacturing culture are specifically designed to take advantage of the ‘wide open spaces’.

Land Rover’s consumer cult enjoys the premium type SUV market while specifically understanding that they aren’t the most reliable but certainly look absolutely stunning. As reliability continues to be a priority, we are directly focusing on its strategic efforts to improve consumer satisfaction.

A powerful 395 horsepower six-cylinder engine with 406 lb-ft. of torque is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, making sure to top the fun list. The rugged Defender 90 is just that, tough and defends the Land Rover nameplate perfectly.

Although our Defender 90 First Edition is very basic and doesn’t bring any frills or thrills, its basic entry-level model really shows what Land Rover has to offer. Cloth seats, front jump seat, 10-inch infotainment system with touchscreen and navigation, SiriusXM, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The fabric “ragtop” folding roof was also standard, which was a nice feature that we liked. The seats were comfortable and there was plenty of leg room in the back as well as in the front.

On the outside, the Defender 90 is boxy, it’s all-terrain, it’s tough and it’s great. It offers a great ride height, is well designed and well assembled.

“The Land Rover Defender 90 is the latest and greatest SUV from the British luxury brand,” said Karl Brauer, executive analyst for “It was launched with exceptional off-road spec and technical features, and has just been upgraded with an optional supercharged V8 engine. The extra power comes with more confident on-road dynamics, but it does not compromise Defender’s off-road prowess, creating one of the most capable and attractive SUVs on the market.

For Land Rover, it’s all about off-road use, while maintaining luxury status. The Defender 90 is not your average Jeep Wrangler or Ford Bronco. Although similar in boxy styling and off-road use, the Defender 90 is definitely a nice vehicle for the Grasso garage fleet.

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Land Rover Defender 90

MSRP: $64,100

As tested: $66,475

MPG: 17 city, 22 highway, 19.4 as tested