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Jennifer Venditti will see you now


For “American Honey,” directed by Andrea Arnold, Ms. Venditti spent long periods scouting Panama City Beach, Florida. The time spent in the field, as well as the images and experience gathered, became a de facto part of the film. “What he did was he informed all the other departments,” she said. “It created an environment on set that almost felt like a documentary.”

Riley Keough, one of the film’s stars, sent in several self-recorded audition videos before she was finally called by Ms. Venditti, whose audition process was new to her: casual conversation, personal questions, on-camera the shoulder, movement.

“It’s like you’re shooting a scene,” Ms Keough said, calling in from a set in New Orleans, before stopping to receive a Covid test swab, then adding: “It’s like whether the audition should be.”

Ms. Venditti takes this same unconventional process regardless of the experience level of the aspirant. Angus Cloud, now Fezco on “Euphoria,” was discovered on the street by one of his scouts. Ms. Venditti released him on camera with questions about his life and taught him to improvise. “She kind of gives off that family vibe, that aunt vibe, you know? That motherly vibe,” Mr. Cloud said in his now signature whistling purr, calling from the back porch of his Los Angeles home. “I have a lot of love for her.”

Ms. Venditti uses a network of trusted scouts, but finding raw talent in the wild is an increasingly elusive game. Thanks to social media, ordinary people are thrust into the role of performers, putting themselves forward at all times, hoping to bait the algorithms and, in turn, your eyes.

“The person who wants to be found, in my experience, is never the one I want to find,” Ms. Venditti said.