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It’s time to make the best purchases on winter clothing

Elna’s Dress Shop is known for its designer women’s clothing and locally handmade Danish costumes using designs passed down from the shop’s original owner, Elna.

Clothing available at low prices as spring and summer fashion arrives

By Sue Manning

For Elna’s Clothing Shop

Although it’s still “officially” winter at Solvang, the fashion world is buzzing about spring and summer 2022.

It’s not that you can’t stay updated on gorgeous winter fashions, because that’s when you’ll get the best buys on winter clothes.

Retailers need to phase out winter merchandise to make way for fashion trends for the upcoming season. Yes, we shopped for spring and I’m going to the San Mateo Clothing Market for summer in January, and that’s why you can save 50% on select women’s winter clothing right now at Elna’s Dress Shop.

I think you should wear whatever you want, just wear it for yourself. If you feel comfortable with a style, go for it! Don’t forget that our staff – Carol, Sandy and Selina – are experts when it comes to coordinating a look and expanding your wardrobe, and this service is free. We want you to enjoy what you wear and wear it with panache. If you have clothes that you find difficult to coordinate, bring them, we like a challenge.

Denim is always in style, and frankly, I think everyone has something denim in their clothes. We immediately think of jeans and jackets – we have denim pants at Slimsation by Multiples and French Dressing.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported Elna’s Dress Shop last year. You really make our season brighter.

We have made so many wonderful friends among my clients and are delighted to be able to carry on the tradition of helping you with your clothing choices and Danish costumes.