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ISKO and Soorty officially launch a new collection


ISKO Future Face technology is a woven fabric that looks like a knit that retains all the properties of real denim. Photo: Soorty

ISKO and Soorty announced the launch of their first collaborative collection, ISKO Future Face by Soorty. The two companies had previously announced in June 2021 that they would work together, revealing that they had signed a technology license agreement that brought these denim companies together to produce collections of fabrics and clothing.

ISKO is a leading brand of denim ingredients that is part of SANKO TEKSTIL, the textile division of SANKO Group. Soorty is a vertically integrated denim company in Pakistan committed to the vision of a clean, green and fair future for all.

Using ISKO’s innovative ISKO Future Face technology, the collection is produced by Soorty specifically for the US market. The technology is a fabric that looks like a knit and combines a soft, silky finish with a comfort that retains all the properties of real denim. The collection is washed using responsible laundry techniques that avoid the use of stones, PPE and other hazardous chemicals while reducing the amount of water, energy and resources used in the process.

Both companies are actively involved in sustainability, inclusiveness, technology and education in the denim industry and hope to transform the ways of working and doing business within it. Soorty has reduced waste generation and energy consumption in its production process, even with a 25% increase in production, while ISKO is continually advancing circularity through new partnerships and activities.

To promote inclusiveness in the industry, another pillar of the founding of the two brands, no montage was used in the imagery of the models used for the campaign.