Infiniti’s ‘Band Recital’ Ad Hits Viewers’ High Ratings


Infiniti’s “Band Recital” tops’s list of most-viewed automotive ads for the second week in a row: the ads that generated the most impressions on national broadcasts and satellite TV. cable.

Luxury brand Nissan’s jarring ‘Band Recital’ ad showcases the Infiniti QX60’s soundproofing qualities amid an out-of-tune student performance. Perhaps ironically, iSpot AsMetrix survey data reveals that viewers cited ‘soothing’ as the top emotional response, while music was the ‘best thing’ about advertising with 24% of respondents agreeing.

Cadillac’s “Fortune Smiles on the Fearless” follows with a focus on electric vehicles. The message “the future is here” led to a 10% increase above the industry norm among Ace Metrix viewers for the “change” category, while “high end” remained on the Cadillac brand as the primary emotional response.

Subaru claims positions three and five, with “Go Further” and “Girls Trip”, respectively. The former relied heavily on college basketball for impressions, with a smattering of procedural drama to back it up. “Girls Trip,” meanwhile, focused on a variety of programs, including the Today To display, FBI and Survivor to engage the public.

Mercedes-Benz rounds out the list at No. 4 with “Enlightenment,” which scored high in the Ace Metrix survey. The “desire” survey category led the way with a score 19% above the industry norm, followed by “likeability” at 15%. The ad also scored double-digit percentage points above industry norms in all other categories, including “attention” (+10.8%) and “visibility” (+10.3%). ). It was the only commercial among those on the list with a significant focus on the television broadcast of the Oscars.

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Infiniti: Group Recital

Impressions: 349,635,236

Interruption rate: 2.48%

Attention rating: 101

Is. TV expenses: $1,953,198

Cadillac: fortune smiles on the intrepid

Impressions: 205,187,852

Interruption rate: 2.17%

Attention rating: 114

Is. TV expenses: $1,102,226

Subaru: going further

Impressions: 154,750,269

Interruption rate: 2.44%

Attention Index: 105

Is. TV expenses: $1,908,725

Mercedes-Benz: Lights

Impressions: 150,523,485

Interruption rate: 2.43%

Attention Index: 104

Is. TV expenses: $3,333,064

Subaru: Girls’ Trip

Impressions: 146,095,530

Interrupt rate: 2.40%

Attention rating: 113

Is. TV expenses: $1,388,172

Data provided by iSpot.tvMeasurement of TV Ads for Disruptive Brands

*Data from Ace Metrix automotive industry standards measured within the last 90 days.

Television impressions – Total number of TV ad impressions delivered for the brand or spot.

Interrupt rate – The speed at which the audience present at the start of your ad disengages before it ends.

Attention Index – A comparison of your ad’s interruption rate against your specific media placement. Attention Score is measured on a scale of 0-200, where 100 is the average and means your ad is working as expected.

Is. National TV expenditure – Amount spent on TV broadcasts of brand spots.