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I just had a lash lift – will these lash tips kill mascara for good? | Reconcile


I recently booked myself for a lash lift, and as I emerged with more curled and flowy valances, I wondered why I don’t do it more often.

Lash lift offers a longer-lasting curl than mascara for those of us with decidedly straight strands, but costs a lot less than individual eyelash extensions, which are wonderful for a special occasion, but not durable for everyone. world except the super rich in terms of time. and money – a full set of extensions can take hours.

A lift can be customized to your eye shape (I can’t live with too steep of a slope as the bend makes applying eyeliner extremely tedious). It fades slowly and with no ill effect on natural lashes, while poorly applied or heavy extensions cause the real hairs underneath to become sparse over time.

My own lash tech, Teresa Smith of I Love Lash (based in London, but lash perms are available everywhere, from around £25 depending on location), offers two different brands – LVL and Elleebana – which retain both their loop for a good six to eight weeks. The mascara can be worn over the top as usual, but the effects are so good that I find myself less inclined to worry about it.

If it’s length rather than curl that you’re missing, you might have thought about eyelash growth serums. Once monopolized by Revitalash, the market now offers a myriad of options, and the number of questions I get asked about these products has skyrocketed. I especially recommend Lash Force Eyelash Growth Serumby British salon brand NYK1 (£44.95). It’s pricey, as they all are, but the tube is at least double the size of most, gives a few months of use, and more importantly, it actually works.

Whatever eyelash serum you choose, what will define its success is consistent use, which is why I rarely use one myself (vitamin supplements are hard enough). Most serums should be applied morning and night for at least four to five weeks: you paint them over the lash line like you would apply a liquid liner, but a little more firmly, pressing the brush into the roots.

If that sounds like a faff — well, it sort of is — you might find it useful to store the serum next to your toothbrush so you don’t forget it.

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And if you’ve just had chemotherapy (and you have to wait until it’s over before you start with the serum), such thrift stores will look like a picnic.