High demand for denim means looser fits and flared toes


Denim demand continues to grow in 2021 with popular styles mirroring those of the ’90s, including baggy boyfriend jeans and flare-toe jeans. As many consumers have gained pandemic weight (often referred to as COVID15, compared to the 15-pound Freshman college students gain in their freshman year), preferences are shifting to more casual styles, including Mom jeans and Boyfriend jeans. Don Howard, executive director of Alvanon, said: “COVID 15 for many is real. The good news for consumers buying jeans is the confluence of a denim fashion trend towards looser, more comfortable styles and brands that were already actively working to be more inclusive in their size offerings. Alvanon is a company that helps clothing brands improve themselves. their clothing is tailored to reflect today’s consumers.

Howard said, “As people go out more in recent months, there has been a resurgence of the denim category as a trusted item in the wardrobe.” Alvanon noted the change in the denim cycle away from skinny jeans. According to Howard, brands like Levi’s were aware of this trend as the pandemic entered and focused on more relaxed and taller figures for women. Similar styles for men who may have already fallen into disuse are becoming more popular choices after the pandemic.

Levi continues to see growth opportunities for return to work and back to school

The Levi brand has seen a denim resurgence according to Jen Sey, executive vice president and president of Levi Brand, who said, “Consumers are eager to buy the brands they trust and love. At the same time, the global adoption of casualization, which started before the pandemic, continues to gain popularity and consumers enjoy the convenience when they step out again. »Products in high demand tend to have a looser fit and a wide silhouette. Reported with the results for the first quarter of this year, sales of casual fit for men like the 550, 559 and the comfortable non-denim XX Chino line increased by more than 20% compared to the previous year. The High Loose and Stay Loose styles are popular with women. Sey said, “As big style trends like ’90s nostalgia are shaping the direction of fashion, sustainability is arguably the most important theme in the industry right now. Levi’s latest designs and loose fits use a range of more durable fabrics.

Levi has focused on sustainability with a commitment to preserve the health of the environment. These values ​​have been important to Levi’s customers and have helped build brand loyalty. While Levi was unable to share revenue information, according to Placer.ai, which tracks shopping visits to physical stores, foot traffic to its physical stores increased 11% in May compared to 2019. (before the pandemic). Ethan Chernofsky, vice president of marketing at Placer.ai, said: “The timing here is also critical ahead of a major back-to-school season that could offer many clothing retailers their first real chance for meaningful offline growth. Sey discussed the importance of the return to work as denim is adopted into more casual work environments and more offices become completely remote, saying, “These trends are playing on our strengths.”

Levi focuses on direct-to-consumer sales and digital initiatives

The company plans to continue to focus on its direct-to-consumer sales activities to better meet the demands of its customers who want to shop anywhere and anytime. Levi is stepping up its efforts in digital initiatives, including online shopping and the mobile app. Sey said, “These efforts allow us to reach a younger consumer and provide a seamless connector for the online-to-offline experience. Levi is also investing in physical retail stores, with a new digital shopping experience in its NextGen store concept.

Customer demand for American Eagle denim accelerates

American Eagle Outfitters (AE) is seeing a further acceleration in denim trends after exceeding expectations in the first quarter, according to Jennifer Foyle, president and executive creative director of AE & Aerie. Women’s jeans trends include looser denim styles like AE’s Mom Jeans, Flare Bottom, and ’90s Boyfriend (Relaxed, Comfortable Fit). Foyle said, “Mom Jeans became our number one fit for the first time this spring, and our new flare leg shape, mimicking the popular ’90s trend, has seen incredible popularity and demand. Foyle also commented on the strength of his line of men’s jeans, stating: “It’s all about comfort for men too, with the AirFlex + jeans giving it the ultimate flexibility, fitted with a graphic tee or shirts. woven short-sleeved.

Back-to-school sales will be dominated by clothing and denim

AE will present strong back-to-school offerings to meet today’s demand for comfort, looser denim styles and leggings. Foyle said: “As we head into a very different school year than last season, there are new incentives for customer spending.” AE is seeing incredible demand for both Aerie and OFFLINE by Aerie offerings, including the viral OFFLINE By Aerie Crossover leggings. Foyle discussed customer buying behaviors as the country emerges from the pandemic and COVID-19 restrictions are lifted across the country. She said: “Our primary customer has a strong desire to connect with friends and is more digitally connected than ever, engaging with social media while shopping. As part of our strong omnichannel business and focus on innovation, we’ve seen a positive response to offering customers new ways to shop virtually and interact with the brand. Currently, AE offers many social media platforms that cater to the target market, including TikTok and Snapchat, where loyal customers create unique content.

The trend of clothing purchases is widespread

Sezzle, a popular buy-it-now and check-out solution, said 75% of shoppers have purchased clothes, accessories and shoes in the past month, according to a recent survey released earlier in June. Survey results showed that 39% of participants prioritize visiting family and friends this summer, with travel ranking second at 24%. The apparel industry is expected to continue to benefit from this post-pandemic shift in consumer spending towards “out” items. In addition, 54% of survey respondents indicated that later in the summer, the same three categories will remain their preference for back-to-school purchases. Survey participants indicated their general desire to shop in stores so that they could see and touch currently popular products, experiment with style options for outfits, and feel the instant gratification of products purchased. Sezzle’s survey includes Generation Z (14%), Generation Y (43%), Generation X (29%) and baby boomers (14%).

Chernofsky said, “Apparel retailers are experiencing a significant recovery trend, with several brands already achieving visible growth from 2019.” American Eagle Outfitters and Levi both recently experienced more shopping visits than in 2019 and are currently the industry leader in denim shopping tours.

Cotton Incorporated survey reveals demand for denim

The results of a recent survey of Cotton incorporated, a research and marketing company representing upland cotton from the United States and funded by cotton producers and cotton importers from the United States has shown positive signs for retail, retail clothing and comfortable clothes. Specifically, data from a recent survey showed a 16 percentage point jump in those who say they are currently spending the same amount or plan to spend more on clothing compared to their pre-pandemic spending levels. .

Kim Kitchings, Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing at Cotton Incorporated, said, “Going forward, as many consumers re-enter the workforce and resume social gatherings, the top items on their lists are jeans. denim (31%), t-shirts (30%) and athleisure (29%). ”Kitchings explained how consumers see denim as a dress item in today’s wardrobe. Cotton Incorporated reported that the average fabric weight has declined overall over the past few years, making clothing less durable. Today’s consumer, however, is looking for more durable and durable clothing. bodes well for denim clothing Kitchings notes, however, that there has been a very recent increase in fabric weights.

America’s love for denim

The durable, affordable and fashionable characteristics of denim have made it a long-time favorite for the US and global markets. Levi Strauss obtained the US patent to put rivets in men’s work pants in 1873, making them more durable. This process was essentially the birth of blue jeans and since then they have evolved into a myriad of styles reflecting the era.

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