Good Finance Loan Broker | Compare loans online and borrow money quickly

Good Finance is one of many Swedish consumers, relatively unknown loan intermediaries so far. Good Finance is a Nordic player that mediates loans between you as a consumer and a number of well-known banks and credit institutions in the Swedish market.

What are the benefits of loan brokers compared to turning directly to selected banks? The very idea of ​​using loan brokers is that they should help you get as many loan offers as possible through a single application.

Applying for loans through loan brokers is quick, easy and easy


The main advantage is that the loan broker forwards your application to a number of banks, but it only results in a single credit report.
After you send in your completed application, just sit down and wait for different loans to be offered to you.

At Good Finance you have a reply to the loan application within 4 hours of your application being made and then you can only choose which of the loans offered is best for you. Admittedly, it often happens that you get answers much faster, but be careful not to rush and choose the first best. There may be more offers than you think and then it may be worth waiting until it has been about 4 hours.

Ability to compare Good Finance with other loan intermediaries

The almost single but very crucial difference between different loan intermediaries is which banks they work with.
A loan broker often works with a fairly limited number of banks and those who are not paying enough attention may send a couple of loan applications to intermediaries, but find that they cooperate with the same banks.
In the worst case scenario, it might even be EXACTLY the same bank and then you have “thrown out” an application and got an extra UC check on the register completely unnecessarily.

If you are looking for the benefits that mortgage lenders are often associated with, it is good to get an overview of important differences and similarities between different loan lenders.

There are a great many players in loan brokerage

As in other contexts when it comes to loans, it also happens here that one and the same group can stand behind more than one loan brokerage. In particular, it is possible to see whether the intermediary in question clearly states clearly that they cooperate with one of the other actors.

If you do not want to choose Good Finance directly, it is worth looking up and comparing a few more players in loan brokerage.