Fire danger rose to ‘extreme’ in Missoula County


The hot and extremely dry weather drove the Missoula County Fire Protection Association increase the risk of fire from “very high” to “extreme”.

Spokeswoman Kristin Mortenson broke the news to KGVO early Monday afternoon.

“The Missoula County Fire Protection Association has decided to increase our fire danger to the extreme due to the hot, dry conditions and lack of expected precipitation in our area,” Mortenson said.

Mortenson detailed the steps taken to change the fire danger level.

“This is an analysis of the moisture present in the fuels, the weather that is expected and that has occurred, as well as the resources available to deal with our fire situation,” he said. she declared. “So it’s about analyzing the risk there.”

Mortenson said all figures were in line to raise the level of fire danger to the extreme.

“All of our clues point to the humidity in our fuel and the fire behavior has probably all shown that we are at an extreme or very near fire danger level,” she said.

Mortenson said the level of fire danger had little to do with the fires burning west of Missoula in Idaho and in the Lolo National Forest.

“The danger of fire only concerns our region,” she said. “So it’s not related to the fact that Idaho has a lot of fires, other than the regional number of fires affecting the number of resources available to fight our fires. So that’s part of the consideration. But in reality, the danger of fire is only related to our conditions here locally. “

In addition, the Bitterroot National Forest has also increased its fire danger level to “extreme”.

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