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FilmCoin Lands First-of-Its-Kind NFT Illustration Deal With


New York, NY, June 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Black Horse the team behind the ERC20 Utility Token FilmCoin (“$FLIKS”) is pleased to announce that he has signed an NFT and artistic deal with one of the most creative and forward-thinking NFT artists in the world.

FilmCoin is opening its own e-commerce and NFT marketplace later this month, showcasing artwork from popular names in the NFT space and aligning art with movie-related valuables, each NFT sold will have an intrinsic value of the real world to unlock.

This highly anticipated Web3.0 collaboration is the brainchild of Jim Wheat – the man behind the hugely-received DollarSandArt, Heroes and Villains NFT collections and accomplished film producer and award-winning actor, Terry Stone.

Wheat’s previous commands include former US President Donald Trump, world champion boxer Floyd The Money Mayweather, rock star Alice Cooper, F1 champion Lewis Hamilton, DJ Carl Cox, England footballer Wayne Rooney, legend cricketer Shane Warne and real Wall Street wolf Jordan Belfort.

Wheat commented: “The planets have aligned. I’ve waited over a decade to bring my 2D gorilla to life in another dimension with the right team at the right time, and it was worth the wait because history is about to be written.”

The inaugural “limited edition” GrimeGorilla’$ WhiteList of teams is now open, this NFT Drop will feature five of the main characters from the first fully crypto/FilmCoin-funded gangster movie, Tales from The Trap (“TFTT”), the film exposes stories of gang culture, fashion, music, knife and gun crime TFTT is a story of friendship and loyalty that runs deeper than any family .

FilmCoin’s e-commerce and NFT marketplace is focused on the utility and ownership of movie characters and movie-related content. Each NFT will feature fantastic artwork and have an auto-unlockable real-world utility linked to secondary markets such as Opensea and Rarible.

This original GrimeGorilla$ NFT collection will be available for purchase with various cryptocurrencies, debit and credit cards, and FLIKS tokens. The FilmCoin utility token can be purchased from the FilmCoin website or through FMFW, CoinStore, and UniSwap. FLIKS holders will receive a discount on NFTs compared to fiat or other crypto spenders.

The company plans to be a decentralized production powerhouse, releasing movies alongside traditional companies in the industry.

Darkhorse SVP of Production Terry Stone commented:

“We aim to disrupt the traditional way the entertainment industry works, we are introducing the token economy into the FilmCoin markets, we have successfully integrated blockchain, smart contracts and alternative payment methods, including our own token ERC20 utility. We are launching our utility-focused marketplace at the end of the month, we are one of, if not the first digital studio in the world to combine real cinematic productions with Web3.0, NFTs and digital currencies, as industry leaders, we set an example for the entire film industry. The involvement of the Next Gen and Gen Z communities in the production of blockbuster films will be revolutionary for the entire space”

The company aims to make the film space more accessible to creators, FilmCoin’s Web3.0 digital platform is a game-changer globally. With a plan to symbolize existing and new films, this production studio seeks to revolutionize the industry.

Keep an eye out for the new market as it presents an exciting opportunity to get involved in the global film and television industries.

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