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Fans go wild for the £5 Primark Foundation which is a dupe for the £36 designer brand


Many of us skim through budgeting tips, look for bargains, and look for the cheapest version of a quality product when shopping. With the cost of living crisis straining our purses, it’s no surprise that we Brits love a good dupe – a cheaper take on a designer item.

Primark shared their latest beauty affair on their Instagram page. The clothing store has released a new base mixed with primer that fans say reminds them of a designer brand. The snap received over 3,200 likes and many buyers took to the comments to share their thoughts.

Fans said her latest fashion and beauty staple is similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter foundation. The designer version is £36 while Primark’s dupe is just £5 – perfect for those of us watching the pennies.

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The mainstream fashion giant shared the post with the caption: “Newness Alert! Flawless Glow is a hybrid foundation that gives the ultimate radiant glow. Enriched with squalane and vitamin E. Buy in store now for £5 /€6 # Primark Beauty.”

Many of Primark Beauty’s 682,000 subscribers have commented on their opinions of the foundation. One said, “I love it”, and another wrote, “Fantastic product”.

Many fans immediately noticed the resemblance to the Charlotte Tilbury (CT) staple. One wrote: “just like CT”, and a second said: “CT dupe!” A third buyer commented, “A flawless filter to try!” Other fans simply said, “need”.

However, a few Instagram users were concerned about the shade range of the foundation. In the picture, there are only four color options shown. The Charlotte Tilbury version has a whopping 44 shades.

One Primark shopper said: “Only four shades?? A second fan wrote, “the range of shades is a little disappointing isn’t it!” A third social media user observed, “Hope they have more in store!” Primark’s beauty must-have is available in UK stores for £5. What do you think of the dupe? Let us know in the comments.

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