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Exclusive: Swara Bhasker on her obsession with skincare and her favorite products


Swara Bhasker is obsessed with skin care. She loves to splurge on new products and has a full routine. If you’re someone who made a resolve to take care of your skin in 2022, this is must read for all of you.

What is your morning and evening skincare routine?

Oh my God! I am going bankrupt because I keep buying new products and these anti aging serums and creams. I’m a huge product freak. I love skin care. This is one of the reasons I never arrive at the airport before the hour. If I have free time, even five to ten minutes, I end up buying skin care products. Also the international airports are the worst because you don’t get these brands in India and I end up spending a lot of money on these products. So I am unruly for everything in life, except for removing makeup. I am very particular about this. I have a ritual and make it a moment for myself with a cup of tea. I sit in front of the mirror, put on some music, then I cleanse and take off all my makeup. Then I use wipes followed by my rose water. These are random rituals that I designed for myself. Then I wash my face and hydrate. Finally, before going to sleep, I apply a little oil. It can be coconut oil, Aragon oil, lavender, pomegranate seed … whatever is available. It’s pretty elaborate, I know. Luckily I’m single so there isn’t a man who must feel all the fat on my face. If and when I have a boyfriend, I will change my routine. Mornings are not that bad. I hydrated so it’s the basic CTM (cleanse, tone, hydrate) and sunscreen.

Five beauty essentials you can’t live without …

Moisturizer, concealer, powder, kajal and eyeliner. Sometimes I don’t even use lipsticks and lip balms.

Three skin care tips you would like to share with us …

So an actor told me that, it’s not my original – but when you want to party and drink, you want to take care of your skin, so I learned a trick. It’s a drink called “Skinny Bitch”. It’s Vodka or Gin, with lots of lemon and ice. Just fill it with water. Just drink as much as you can because you are drinking a lot of water so the next morning you wake up you may be broken but your skin is radiant. Sleep is very important with cleaning. Never sleep with makeup on. Eat well. And the most important thing that no one discusses is your saddle. You need to have a good bowel movement every day. It is essential for beautiful skin.

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