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Dyson airwrap stock – live: where to buy the styling tool sold today, from Boots to John Lewis


<p>Since its launch last month, the new and improved Dyson Airwrap has sold out almost constantly </p>
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Since its launch last month, the new and improved Dyson Airwrap has sold out almost constantly

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Few products have taken the beauty world by storm like the Dyson airwrap. First released in 2018, the multifunctional hair tool quickly achieved cult status thanks to its ability to dry and straighten, curl or wave in one go, producing a salon-quality look at home.

Last month, a brand new revamped styler was released. Of course, we got our hands on one with our tester stating it’s “definitely better than the original.” They also praised the “improved attachments” and faster airflow that left their “hair feeling softer and smoother than usual.”

As for the OG, Dyson’s first styler has earned a spot in our roundup of the best hot brushes with our writer praising the “plethora of attachments to choose from”. Best of all, they said, “We found it only took 15 minutes to achieve a bouncy blow-dry.”

But due to popular demand, it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on either of Dyson’s tools. Stock of the original styler has been ephemeral since late last year, while the new styler suffered similar issues. The company cites global supply chain issues, which impact other tech products, like the coveted PS5 console.

If you’re looking to get your hands on one, whether it’s Dyson’s OG tool or the new and improved multi-styler, our live blog is here to keep you up to date with stock, as well as answer any questions you have about hair tools. Ready to banish bad hair days? Let’s go.

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Check stock from Dyson UK retailers below:

Dyson (original)

Dyson Multistyler


How to use a Dyson Airwrap

The magic of Dyson airwrap is in its versatility. The tool can be used on long hair, bangs, bobs and more, creating curly, wavy or straight hair looks.

Dyson’s tips for curling your hair start by straightening your towel-dried hair with the firm straightening brush before sectioning your hair and choosing the 20mm, 30mm or 40mm barrel (depending on how much curl retention you want). want). Wrap each section around the barrel and hold for 15 seconds, repeating until your hair is touch dry.

For a smooth, sleek look, first dry your hair (focusing on the roots) with the accessory until it’s about 60% dry. Next, part your hair and brush each part with the firm straightening tool until dry.

daisy lesterMay 11, 2022 3:30 p.m.


What accessories does the Dyson Airwrap come with?

Although pricey, you get what you pay for with Dyson’s Airwrap models. The Original comes with nine attachments, including a 30mm airwrap, a soft smoothing brush, a 40mm long body, a round volumizing brush, a pre-styling dye and a firm smoothing brush.

New revamped multi styler has one less attachment, comes with Soft Smoothing Brush, 40mm Airwrap Barrel, Coanda Straightener, 30mm Airwrap Barrel, Round Volumizing Brush, Filter Cleaning Brush and a firm smoothing brush.

Dyson has ensured that the new and improved attachments that come with the new multi-styler can also be purchased individually here – and all compatible with the older model, meaning you can upgrade your existing model if you wish.


Our tester particularly enjoyed the introduction of the now sold out new smoothing attachment. “It has a double function; first it can be used to roughly dry hair all over (ideally it should be about 80% dry before styling) then it can be switched to smoothing mode, which works the same way as the flyaway attachment supersonic.

daisy lesterMay 11, 2022 2:30 p.m.


How much does the Dyson airwrap cost?

With retailers like Amazon selling the Dyson airwrap at a premium price, it helps to know the RRP of the styling tool being sold.

The original Dyson styler retails for £449.99 while its new multi-styler retails for £479.99. John Lewis (currently in stock at Johnlewis.com), Currys, Boots (also currently in stock at Boots.com) or and Selfridges all match Dyson’s RRP, so it’s best to pick up the hair tool from one of these retailers.

daisy lesterMay 11, 2022 1:30 p.m.


Dyson airwrap and new multi styler reviewed

After reviewing both Dyson airwraps, it’s safe to say that the hair tools being sold are IndyBest approved.

In our review of the new multi styler, they said it was “definitely better than the original”. Praising the variety of barrel sizes, they added, “It feels like Dyson really thought about every hair type, texture and length and made a product that was as versatile and inclusive as possible.”

(The Independent)

Above all, our tester said that “even using the blow-dry attachment with minimal effort, her hair felt softer and smoother than usual, and so for that alone it gets top marks.”


Regarding the OG styler, our reviewer said: “There’s a plethora of attachments to choose from – we love the quirky barrels which encourage hair to wrap around the barrel (tangle-free we hasten to add ) for a soft, voluminous, lightweight curl.” Achieving a “bounce dry” in just 15 minutes, they gave the airwrap extra points for being so quiet it won’t disturb anyone during use.

daisy lesterMay 11, 2022 12:30 p.m.


The Dyson Airwrap dupes you can buy for under £200

Since the Dyson airwrap is both expensive and out of stock most of the time, you might be looking for an alternative.

One of our favorite affordable substitutes is Revlon’s One-Step Dryer (£62.99, Boots.com). He went viral on TikTok last year and in our review of the model, we explained why. “Dubbed the Dyson dupe, its appeal lies in its affordability and the tons of volume it offers.”


Slightly more expensive, the ghd Rise Hot Brush (£169, ghdhair.com) is one of our favorite alternatives. In our head-to-head review of both devices, our reviewer said the ghd boost helped their hair stay “wavy and bouncy well into the evening – something we thought only existed in our wildest dreams of beauty”.


When it comes to comparing the two devices, they said that “if all you’re looking for is reliable volume and glamorous waves, the ghd power-up is equally worthy of an investment.”

daisy lesterMay 11, 2022 11:30 am


Why is Dyson airwrap out of stock everywhere?

With rave reviews and plenty of hype, it’s no surprise that the Dyson airwrap suffered from stock issues.

The company cited ongoing global supply chain issues exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic for stock issues, with its Supersonic Hairdryer (£329.99, Dyson.co.uk) also in short supply. We also met the same fate for popular gaming tech products like the new PS5 and Xbox Series X.

After being sold out for what seemed like forever, the original Dyson airwrap is slowly becoming more available and we hope to see the same for the multi styler soon.

daisy lesterMay 11, 2022 10:30 am


Save £70 on refurbished Dyson air envelopes

With the Dyson airwrap so plagued with stock issues, we’ve rarely seen it on sale. But for those who want to save a few pennies on the hair tool, let us direct you to the refurbished models.

We have spotted an offer not to be missed. Back in stock and better yet, £70 off, you can pick up a refurbished model on eBay for £379.99 (Ebay.co.uk) and at Dyson’s own refurbished hub (Dyson.co. uk) for the same price.


The styler is one of our favorite hot brushes, and comes with eight attachments, including barrels and straightening brushes, plus a storage case. There are six attachments to choose from, with our tester’s favorite being the Original Barrels as they provide a “soft, voluminous and lightweight curl”, as well as the Round Bristle Brush “which gives your hair an incredibly smooth finish in a few minutes. .”

daisy lesterMay 11, 2022 10:15 a.m.


It’s not a drill: The OG Dyson airwrap is currently in stock at three retailers

Hello and welcome to our Dyson airwrap stock checker blog. If the original multi styler has been on your shopping list for a while, the good news is that the OG Hair Tool is slowly returning to retailers and is currently in stock at Amazon, John Lewis and Boots.

At Amazon you can buy the airwrap for the premium price of £639.99 (Amazon.co.uk), but we recommend getting the 2018 multi-functional styling tool from Boots (Boots.com) or John Lewis for the cheaper price of £449.99 (Johnlewis.com).

daisy lesterMay 11, 2022 10:00