Dongfeng Motor Establishes Independent Company for Premium Electric Vehicle Brand VOYAH


Shanghai (Gasgou) – On June 26, Dongfeng Motor established an independent company for its premium electric vehicle brand VOYAH, named VOYAH Auto Technology Co., Ltd., which means that VOYAH will start operating independently.

According to business information provider Tianyancha, the new company involves registered capital of 2.61 billion yuan ($ 404 million). Its business segment includes the production of motor vehicles, R&D of automotive parts and the sale of new energy vehicles (NEV), electrical accessories related to NEVs and NEV production and testing facilities. You Zheng, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, is the legal representative of the new company.

VOYAH FREE; photo credit: VOYAH

According to VOYAH, the newly registered company is co-invested by Dongfeng Motor Group Company Limited and key VOYAH staff. In particular, more than 10% of the participations are held by key employees.

VOYAH was unveiled as a standalone brand of premium electric vehicles on July 17, 2020. It only took VOYAH 100 days to see its first white body roll off the assembly line since the launch of the strategy. the mark on July 29 of last year.

Last December, VOYAH announced its first production model dubbed FREE, which positions itself as an anxiety-free full-size smart electric SUV, and offered the world the first glimpse of the model. On June 19, 2021, the FREE hit the market with two variants on offer: the Extended Range EV and the All-Electric EV.

From 2021, VOYAH plans to roll out at least one new model per year over the next five years, covering several segments such as PV, SUV, MPV and crossovers.

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