Digital platforms: customer satisfaction

Presenting an enjoyable customer experience centers on the ability to cross every digital touchpoint with relevant content assets.

In the early days of digital adoption, websites were the primary sources of information and were updated from time to time to educate customers and other stakeholders about products and their offerings. To meet this need, enterprise-wide content management has become a responsibility of the IT function.

Enterprise content management systems facilitate collaboration and version control for iterative or reusable content. However, as the speed of action required to meet the needs of the business has become an important factor and the understanding of the dynamic elements related to the content generation and consumption processes has started to become complex, managing of content has become part of the portfolio of marketers with IT continuing to support it technologically. Marketers who started building the digital marketing stack that included email campaigns, social media, lead generation through websites, and other means quickly began to realize that these efforts did not ‘were not integrated and that a lot of data generated by multiple channels could not be put to appropriate use, and therefore were not able to get the most out of their digital investments.

This awareness has led to the recognition that it is important to focus on the results of overall spend and business mix and deliver a superior customer experience. The significant advantage of the digital experience platform is its ability to rearrange or modify the content to adapt it to different customer profiles and other stakeholders in a dynamic way to stay relevant in the market. With multiple channels used by customers to access information, the content provided must be tailored to specific channels. Although the digital platform and tools are increasingly sophisticated, content management continues to be an important basis for meaningful digital engagement. The focus is now on presenting personalized content, predicting customer behavior based on past patterns using analytics, and reorienting content to meet different needs. Such a blended approach to customer engagement brings relevance, measurability and value to customers.

Presenting an enjoyable customer experience centers on the ability to cross every digital touchpoint with relevant content assets. In addition to prompting the customer to educate themselves about the product up front, continued success will translate into the ability to build on customer satisfaction and retention. Often times, user interface content undergoes dynamic changes based on changing business and customer needs. However, the content available elsewhere on the website or other digital properties may be different, making the experience sub-optimal for the customer.

Therefore, it is important to think about how to connect interface content to all content and move away from predetermined pathways to allow more agility and flexibility in construction and ease of access on multiple devices and channels. What is required is a flexible architecture capable of dynamically adding or deactivating tools or applications, making the experience as a service easier for marketers.

With careful planning of digital customer experience platforms, it would be possible to reuse content in several ways. Thus, IT, marketing and analytics functions must come together to redefine the enterprise content management system and develop the ability to be more intuitive in order to deliver a superior customer experience.

The author is president of Global Talent Track, an enterprise training solutions company

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