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Business Continuity Products Help Cox Customers Maintain Services Even During Challenging Times | Sponsored: Cox Business


For a business leader, a natural disaster or a cyberattack is the worst-case scenario. Damage to infrastructure and data can lead to lost revenue and an inability to serve customers in a timely manner. As a solution, Cox Business offers several services that can ensure businesses are up and running again even when a recovery is in progress or underway.

For example, when Hurricane Ida hit southern Louisiana in August 2021, Cox Business customers with cloud-based services were able to continue working from other locations, said Calli Trabeaux, chief of senior product from Cox Business for managed services. The same goes for businesses that have suffered damage from fires, floods, and other weather events that can displace employees.

Trabeaux said a popular offering from Cox Business is emergency internet services that allow business owners and employees to get back online in seconds after an internet outage. The service is scalable, making it ideal for small stores and restaurants, large businesses with multiple locations, or any business in between. This allows employees to continue to access data and stay in communication with each other using virtual platforms for the duration of the outage.

“The great thing about our products is that they are managed services, which means that Cox Business manages the installation and maintenance of the service,” said Tim Adams, Senior Product Manager, Cox Business Enterprise . “A customer may need to update some minor configurations, which is an easy step. Our professional implementation team can work with the customer to take care of everything else; the business owner doesn’t have to. not to worry.

Trabeaux added that all products managed by Cox Business have been designed to work automatically with minimal customer intervention.

“They’re all designed to be set and forget solutions,” she said.

However, members of the Cox Business team are also available to answer questions and provide assistance if needed. Additionally, business owners can log into their Cox Business My Account self-service portal from anywhere to make any necessary changes or updates.

In addition, Cox Business offers a full suite of voice services and calling features, such as call forwarding, said Michelle Stanton, senior product manager for voice services. This means that if a customer calls a company number in an empty or damaged facility, those calls can be immediately transferred to another designated landline or cell phone to reach a company representative. Stanton said other Cox Business voice services allow business owners and employees to use their laptops as phones, with headsets, to stay connected.

Stanton noted that for voice customers who might be using call forwarding or other services for the first time, Cox Business experts helped ensure call flow was working properly so services weren’t interrupted.

“If we know we are facing a situation such as a hurricane in the Gulf, our sales representatives will contact our customers in advance to verify them and make sure they have everything they need,” said said Stanton. “We also advise them on how to prepare to ensure they can keep their business running.”

Having businesses up and running as soon as possible after a disaster has many implications for businesses and the community. Stanton noted that many of these companies are supporting first responders in recovery efforts, which means their services are essential in the restoration process.

Adams said studies have shown businesses can lose thousands of dollars every hour they’re offline, which can have major impacts on businesses, employees and the broader economy.

“We’re really proud of our products and the fact that we offer a suite of services to meet multiple needs,” Adams said. “Our internet backup products even come with battery backup to help customers deal with situations like a short-term power outage. We install appliances and infrastructure in businesses to help them overcome all the challenges.

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