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BlushBee Beauty Brings Clean, Guilt-Free, High-Quality Beauty Products to India


There’s a new makeup brand on the block, and it ticks all the boxes. BlushBee Beauty is an environmentally conscious makeup line that meets women’s expectations. The makeup line uses all-natural ingredients and is non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free, all at a very affordable price. The brand was founded by the husband and wife duo of Navaneethan C and Shobana Navaneethan, who built the makeup line from the ground up.

The new brand is heaven for lovers of clean beauty. BlushBee does extensive testing for unusual plant ingredients that are extremely beneficial for the skin. The ingredients are from organic farming and of natural origin. Another sustainability initiative that the brand is implementing is to use recyclable and sustainable packaging materials. The up-and-coming luxury makeup brand lets its customers indulge in guilt-free makeup.

In recent years, global trends have shifted towards a more sustainable lifestyle. It has also created a demand for sustainable products in different spheres of life. The makeup industry is no different. To combat the growing production of carbon, toxic pollutants and the use of plastic, more and more brands are offering sustainable alternatives. As more and more celebrities endorse sustainable products, customers have started to make informed purchasing decisions. BlushBee bridges the gap between high quality and long lasting makeup products.

One of BlushBee’s bestsellers is their Organic Vegan Lip Nourishing Lipstick. The range of long-lasting lipsticks comes in twelve beautiful shades. They feature intense pigmentation and a comfortable matte finish. To keep lips hydrated longer, BlushBee lipsticks contain vitamin E and almond oil. However, the founders’ favorite products are the Natural Glow Blush and the Vegan Nailpolish range. The blush helps you achieve luminous, glowing skin, and the skin-friendly ingredients include Shea Butter and Avena Sativa. The nail polishes are available in over 20 shades, while their blush is available in 5 shades. Their innovative formulas have made the products a big hit.

BlushBee’s makeup products also aim to enrich the skin. The hydrating formula focuses on the skin first. The everyday makeup range comes in vibrant colors that last for hours. Head over to the BlushBee website to add these luxurious products to your cart. Alternatively, these products can also be found at Myntra Beauty, Amazon, Flipkart, One Green, Vanity Wagon, Sublime Life, Root Naturals, and Soch. Good shopping!

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