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Beauty products dermatologist Caroline Robinson swears by


welcome to i swear by it, a series of interviews where we chat with our favorite fashion and beauty insiders about the beauty products they use to the last drop. This week we asked dermatologist Caroline Robinson MD FAAD to share all the products she loves right now.

While the internet has democratized the beauty industry, social media is full of misinformation and misleading claims that confuse and confuse consumers and patients alike. Luckily, there are also dermatologists online who use their voices to reduce noise. One of those doctors? Dr. Caroline Robinson, dermatologist and founder of Chicago-based practice Tone Dermatology. With her expertise in skincare, particularly when it comes to skin of color, Dr. Robinson uses her Instagram platform to provide informative, easy-to-digest science-based advice on skincare, while advocating for diversity and inclusion in the beauty industry.

Below, Dr. Robinson shares the beauty products that are a mainstay in her routine.

Original Healing Jelly, 3 Pack

“I use this as the last step in my body care routine, especially during the winter. I will use regular body moisturizer and then top up with petroleum jelly. I also like to use it on my lips ;I wear masks all day and the lower half of my face gets so dry because of it.In the evening, after cleaning my face, I put some water on my lips and apply moisturizer, like Cerave, on my skin, then I apply Vaseline on my lips and around my mouth, so it acts like a concentrated mask.


Sensitive Skin Soothing Care Shower Gel

“I use it to the last drop and it’s always stored in my house. Because it’s hypoallergenic and part of their sensitive skin collection, I can use it, my kids can use it, and it doesn’t irritate your skin. Plus, it smells really good.”


Molecular Repair Leave-In Hair Mask

“A big part of my dermatology practice is hair-related and educating patients to ensure they are using products that do not conflict with the condition of their scalp or hair. Since I’m bleaching my hair, I need to use something that protects the hair, this hair mask has a blend of peptides and proteins which is great.

K18 Biomimetics Hairscience

C+ Corrective Complex 30%

“It’s so good because it contains 30% THD, which is arguably the strongest and least irritating form of vitamin C. My skin has become more sensitive, so I don’t want to put anything on my face and cause it to sting or burn; I don’t have to deal with those negative consequences with this product.

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Chardonnay Oil SPF 30

“I’m obsessed with sunscreen, so I’m always trying new formulas. I’ve been really into this one lately. And yes, I’ve been using it on vacation. I love it because it is a mattifying oil, it’s great if you’re at the beach and want something easy to reapply.


Sunbetter Tone Smart SPF 75 Sun Lotion

“This formula contains color correcting technology, so due to the way light reflects off the zinc particles, it adapts to your skin tone. I warm the product in my hands and then apply it to my skin with just a few fingers. It blends in perfectly.


Brightening night balm

“Epara is a black-owned brand based in the UK, and I’m in love with this product. It has plankton extract in the formula, which helps even out dark spots. It’s really rich, so on the nights I don’t use Vaseline on my face, I use this balm instead and it has the same moisturizing effect.


Revox-7 Peptide Rich Serum

“I use this serum around my eyes because I’m injecting Botox into that area, and they blend really well as it helps smooth and soften the fine lines while the Botox works on the muscle line below. “

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