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Barnard Castle designer launches sustainable fashion brand Peach Eyes


A FASHIONISTA from County Durham has launched a new slow fashion brand.

Jennifer Healy controls every aspect of the women’s clothing collection she has created and hopes customers will appreciate the effort and quality that goes into each piece.

The 26-year-old, from Barnard Castle, has made her Peach Eyes business as sustainable as possible – from organic fabrics and eco-friendly packaging to where and how clothes are made.

She said: “I feel like fast fashion has to stop and take care of the earth.

“I really tried to make clothes that women will want to wear for a long time and to do it in the most sustainable way possible.

“My launch collection is colorful, bright and very retro because sustainable fashion can always be fun.”

Jennifer studied textiles and art at the Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form in Darlington, then landed the opportunity of her life towards the end of her stay at Manchester School of Art. .

“All the fashion graduates across the country are looking for an opportunity like this, so it was like an out of body experience when I won,” she said.

She then worked two days a week on the TU collection – with her own raincoats, wellies and dresses, making it a women’s and mini me range in Bishop Auckland and Darlington stores – and three days as a design assistant, based in Coventry. , learning about all aspects of the industry, from software programming to visiting vendors.

“It was an amazing experience, I learned so much and I’m really grateful, but when there were restrictions on Covid I went back to the north and the role was going to change, so I took that as a sign to move on.

“It was so commercial, such a quick turnaround in clothing that I started to really think about the impact it had on the world and thought I was my own boss.”

Jennifer Healy’s new slow fashion brand Peach Eyes

Proud of its northeastern roots

When looking for an identity for her brand, she turned to her biggest supporter for inspiration – her late grandmother, Anne Healy.

Jennifer said: “I have always been close to my grandmother, she helped me raise me.

“She was lovely, extremely artistic, always painting and gardening and supported me so much, we went to art exhibitions, she had helped with college projects, she encouraged me with everything, she me helped pay for me to go to NYC for a college trip and when I was in college I called every other day and she had words of encouragement and always great advice to offer.

“She had cancer and my parents turned the garage into an annex for her, but she passed away shortly after, everything behind the brand is inspired by her.”

Ms Healy kept garden journals with lists of her favorite flowers – whose names Jennifer used for her Peach Eyes brand and individual garments in the line – and left her with money to start her business.

She said: “When I was wondering if I should start my own brand, everyone said ‘Granny would say do it’, I couldn’t have done it without her.”

The range is available for purchase online at peacheyes.com

Jennifer Healys, new slow fashion brand Peach Eyes

Jennifer Healy’s new slow fashion brand Peach Eyes

Ellie and Jenny Wilkinson

Jennifer said: “If you have a family of five and growing kids, I wouldn’t expect you to pay hundreds of dollars for clothes, but if you can afford to invest in a quality and durable item, think about it.

“The average garment is only worn ten times, it’s ridiculous. I hope people who can buy parts that really last, that were made right, with love and not with polyester that ends up in waterways or from a manufacturer with poor work practices.

“My clothes are made with organic digitally printed fabrics from the UK, as close to home as possible, and are made in a self-made studio in Bishop Auckland where the team are highly skilled and happy I’m going regularly and I see the craftsmanship and care they show.

“I think every piece is of high quality, like the Carlisle tweed that is used by Chanel, and can be layered, will last for years and be used with the seasons.

“I thought of the packaging, like the seed labels that can be planted and the ribbon made from recycled bottles.

“Even the models and the photographer were local.”

To learn more about the brand, visit the website peacheyes.com, Instagram @ peach__eyes / or Facebook

page peacheyeslabel

Jennifer Healys, new slow fashion brand Peach Eyes

Jennifer Healy’s new slow fashion brand Peach Eyes

Ellie and Jenny Wilkinson model the Peach Eyes range Photos: VEIL AND GUN

Ellie and Jenny Wilkinson model the Peach Eyes range Photos: VEIL AND GUN

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