Al Maryah Community Bank Appoints Adeeb Ahamed of LuLu Financial Holdings as Advisor to its Board of Directors


Adeeb Ahamed
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The UAE’s first digital-only licensed bank, Al Maryah Community Bank LLC, has appointed Adeeb Ahamed, Managing Director of Abu Dhabi-based LuLu Financial Holdings, as an advisor to board members.

Ahamed, whose investments in financial services and digital payments span 11 countries in the GCC, Indian Subcontinent and APAC regions, is an established and recognized industry name known for its far-reaching contributions to development. of the global payments ecosystem. A member of the prestigious South Asia Regional Strategy Group of the World Economic Forum, Ahamed is also the head of retail, restaurant and luxury hospitality companies.

Al Maryah Community Bank, which began operations earlier this year, is a community-driven financial services provider committed to improving the quality of life of the UAE community by operating with integrity and using innovative smart technologies.

The board of directors includes leaders from diverse sectors of the economy, and Ahamed’s contribution as an advisor will help improve the bank’s strategic direction. Al Maryah Community Bank is also heavily invested in digital solutions and improving the user experience for the UAE community, and Ahamed’s vision for the payments ecosystem will be of great support in this regard. .

Al Maryah Community Bank is the UAE’s first digital-only licensed bank, with the aim of building a base among individuals and small businesses. The bank enables consumers to open accounts seamlessly and experience a range of intelligent banking services based on AI-based technology integrated into the UAE government’s smart services.

LuLu Financial Holdings, which operates a network of 238 branches around the world alongside its proprietary digital financial services, aims to improve people’s lives, with a vision to innovate, create value and inspire experiences through its diverse offerings. . For more details:

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