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5 Best After Christmas Selling Deals For Buyers


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Even as rising inflation drives up prices, there are still offers for savvy buyers who want to start the year off with a few good deals.

“November and December are in the spotlight, but January is one of the best times for shopping, especially if you’re shopping in the home category, or for fashion or beauty items,” says Kristin McGrath, expert in shopping and editor-in-chief of RetailMeNot. , a coupons and offers company.

Read on for an overview of the types of products that shopping experts say retailers tend to stand out this time of year.

1. Sheets and towels

Stores have moved away from the term “white sales” widely in recent years, but the tradition of cutting back on bed and bath essentials in January remains. “Now they call them ‘clearance events’ or ‘home savings events’, but these are the white sales of yesteryear,” says McGrath.

Where to find offers: Bath & Beyond bed, Crate & Barrel, Macy’s

Potential savings: 20 to 70 percent off

2. Televisions

As retailers try to get shoppers to buy a new set before the Super Bowl in February – and to empty stocks before new models ship in the spring – they are pricing their current models more competitively. . An analysis of seasonal sales trends by NerdWallet, a financial products and advisory company, found the end of January to be one of the best times of the year to strike a deal on a television.

Where to find offers: Best Buy, Walmart, Target

Potential savings: $ 100 to $ 300 retail rebate